Jamaican Rice and Peas, a Coconut Flavored Favorite

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We are delighted to have you join us on Vegetarianism:The Noble Way of Living Today, we would like to prepare for you atraditional and delectable Jamaican dish called ¨Rice and Peas〃Ingredients, we will need 2 cups of basmati rice, a cup and a half of red kidney beansand we can vary the beans You can use green beans or Congo peas or anyother peas that you like To spice it up, because Jamaican people lovespicy food, we have Scotch bonnet Scotch bonnet is a very hot pepper, so wehave to make sure that we do not burst the pepper because it is just for flavor and aromaWe will use scallion, 2 stalks of scallion Now this is quite different from green onionsThis has a very nice aroma and the taste is very nice as wellIs it stronger than the green onions? Yes, very strongWe also need thyme This is fresh thyme, as you can seeWe will need 3 sprigs of those You put it in like that, after it cooks, wetake it out before we serve We have coconut milkThe dry coconut has a very hard shell, so youˇll have to break that and get the meatout Then, we just scoop it out with a knife, andcut it into very small pieces We can put it in a blender and add about 221/2of water Blend it all togetherAnd then with clean hands, we squeeze the milk from the coconutWe can also use a sieve and squish the juice outI prepared that ahead of time What we do with the raw peas, soak it overnightin 23 cups of water with salt This is the rice cooker in which we are goingto cook our rice and peas The rice cooker also doubles as a vegetablesteamer Oh, so that is a different kind of a ricecooker? Yeah, itˇs a 2-in-1Oh, lovely! This little container here we will use to cook the riceOkay If we were doing vegetables, we would justput our vegetables in there, whatever you like, and cover it downThe water underneath will cook it all for usSo the water gets heated underneath and causes the steam? Oh yeahWe start off by putting the rice into the cookerThis is about 2 cups of rice Using basmati rice todayA lot of people love basmati rice It has very nice flavorOh, and the aroma is nice too Oh yeah, really deliciousAnd it is also less starchy That is trueI also rinsed it as well to remove any excess I rinsed it about two times and thatˇs sufficientfor that Do you have to add any salt to the rice? No,I wonˇt add salt The reason for not adding the salt is becausethe peas were soaked in salt overnight The peas were soaked overnight in about 2cups of water overnight with about 1 tablespoon of saltAnother thing that we can use is ginger root You know the green ginger root? The freshginger? The fresh ginger root Yeah, you can put a bit of that in when yousoak it or you can wait and cook it there Some people just cook it right in the potOkay These are red kidney beansRed kidney beans They are healthy, arenˇt they? Very healthyHigh in protein, very high in fiber, iron as well, and a whole bunch of nutritionalstuff Weˇll add our waterI put about 2 cups About just enough to cover the rice and Idonˇt want to add too much because we are going to add the coconut milkAnd we add our ingredients This is garlic, chopped garlic, about a tablespoon,if you like; you donˇt have to put it but itˇs very good flavorBlack pepper, about a tablespoon or less, depending on what you likeJust sprinkle that on there Actually, Iˇm going to leave out a bit ofit back because weˇre using the Scotch bonnet pepperOh, and the Scotch Bonnet is very hot? Very hot!Yes Weˇll leave that for lastLet me add my peas since it is called Rice and PeasHere we go This is about a cup and a half because wehave a small cooker Do you have to mix it up in the containeror does it just layer? No, actually when it starts boiling it willdo the mixing for us This is scallionAre you familiar with this? Look at the color Itˇs pretty! Very prettyAs Jamaicans, we use this a lot in many different foodsItˇs different to the green onions that we get in the grocery store? (Very different.

)you smell it? It is very high in flavor and this gives it a very nice tasteAnd our coconut milk And this is about half a cup but I think wedonˇt have to put all of it; just enough to add flavor and a bit of fat as wellNext, we will add our thyme, about 3 sprigs of thyme or lessOh, that smells nice! Yes, very fresh, very tasty!Can you use any other spice besides thyme? Can you use any other spice?You could use bay leaf if you like; whichever spice you likeBasil Basil, yeah, we could use basil as wellThe last thing! The last! We put it on top And you notice I made sure that I didnˇtOh, take the center out Yeah, because then it will  It will break?Yes, it will break and it burns Thatˇs what Iˇm trying to sayIt is so hot So now we have everything inIˇll just add a little more milk So now all the ingredients are in and we areready to cook So we will put the timer on for about 35 minutesto start Here we goAnd thatˇs it! And then we can go and feed the catWe can go, yes Or go play with the birdsAll right And we leave it there and it makes a noiseto let us know when itˇs done So when we hear the buzzer we will come back!We will come back, yes! All right! Our dish is finished!I heard the ¨ding〃 go! Oh, you heard it go off? YesOh, look at that! Oh, that is so colorful Okay, now Iˇm just going to take the spicesout And then Iˇll have you test it to see howit is It smells yummy! Beautiful aroma!Thatˇs why I love these spices Excellent! Now, I would like to have you tryit Would you like to try a little bit?Oh, I would love to try some Get some of the beans on there for youThere you go Thank you! Youˇll be my tester (Okay.

)Be careful, itˇs hot I can taste the spiceI can taste the Scotch bonnet! You taste the bonnet as well?A little bit, yes Wow! See? It is delicious and the rice isperfect! Perfect? I am so happy! Perfect grainsLook at that! Yes Oh, yeah, theyˇre separatedThatˇs why I love basmati rice When you cook it, it separates, the grainsseparate And it tastes so good! Itˇs really goodSo, what would you serve this with? Would you eat this alone?You can eat it alone because remember the peas have a lot of protein and we have ourcarbohydrates, iron But, typically on a Sunday; this is a Sunday dish in JamaicaOh yeah, special Or any other special occasionSo you could serve it as vegetarian Or as vegans, we can serve it with vegan chicken,vegan fish, any protein Anything on the side! Thatˇs rightBecause this is a main dish, so you could have, we can have salad, garden salad, orwe could have steamed vegetables You like those? Oh yes, or even grilled vegetables!There you go! Yes, we could do that as well This is very tasty by itselfIt is very tasty and very filling This is a meal by itselfThatˇs our Rice and Peas, complete! (Itˇs lovely!)You can have it just like that or maybe you want to make an extra garden salad to go withit You can also serve it with avocadoDo you love avocado? Oh, yes! I love avocado Yeah, we can serve it with avocadoAnd as I said, you can serve it with a tofu dish if you want a bit more protein or anyother protein dish that you would like Nice and healthy and tastyNice and healthy Vegetarian is the way to go, hunnie!Anyone will love this, vegetarian or non-vegetarian This is an excellent dish for you to try athome and this is also a very good way to introduce yourself to vegetarian foodPerhaps you can write to Supreme Master Television and tell them about this dish that we haveprepared after you have served it to your family, and let them know how much you likeit We would like to thank you all for joiningus today Come back and visit us very soon on Vegetarianism:The Noble Way of Living Coming up next is Between Master and Disciples.

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