Jamaican Me Thirsty (for Tinie Tempah) featuring The Brett Domino Trio | Cocktail Request Week

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Welcome back to Drinks Tube, it's 3 of us.

1 + 2 but they are called Brett Domino Trio, yet there is 2 of them.

Trio because thereis a third magic element, the beautiful style of music they play, I've been watching a coupleof their videos, they drive me crazy! Guys, how you doing today? Hi, it's good to be hereat the Drinks Tube.

Guys what a great energy you've brought to my heart, it's fantastic.

So, what a coincidence we are here because we got a special request from another greatmusician Tinie Tempah.

Now he is in Jamaica, under the sun, he sent us a special requestto make a cocktail with chilli.

You guys like chilli? Like chilli, yes.

Not, not really.

Chilli is amazing.

No? no, OK.

Perfect, well at least you like it.

But I've got somethingfor you good looking boy from Jamaica.

We have the Jamaican pepper.

So we make a nicehome made syrup with chilli, so Tinie Tempah is happy and I put some Jamaican allspicepepper for you.

Think about chilli.

I don't like.

You don't like it, no, don't worry.

But I'm gonn make you love this after.


I've been watching their video it's great,what a great co-ordination with sound and rhythm.

You guys are amazing, what do youhave for breakfast every morning? Pardon? What do we wear for breakfast, I tend to justput clothes, what I'm wearing, on now.

Oh, they are very tasty in the morning.

But youeat also something, or like a cappuccino? Just a bowl of cereals.

Pop tarts.

Porridge?Just a banana normally or.


But you peel it I hope or you just? Is this part of theprogramme or? are we? The banana? What's happening? The breakfast.

Tinie Tempah is in Jamaica,let's move on.

Guys, so this drink is called Jamaican Me Thirsty.

Tinie Tempah get readywe're gonna send it by a mail express.

Guys you're going to be the first.

Pour 50 ml inthis shot but you must open the bottle first otherwise it's not going to come out of thebottle.

Is it just a screw top.

Yeah, you can also send an application, it will openautomatically.

To the top or? To the top, until the top, if you spill don't worry youstill fit 50 ml in.

Put it in, yes.

Yes and now we do the same again, I pour it for you.

And your, your a professional barman yeah.

Yeah, yeah but I also play music and that'sfor the artist Cher.


Ingredient number 2, dedicated to Tinie Tempah in Jamaica we made this beautiful home made syrup of chilli, as you request and some Jamaican pepper, whichis not your favourite as you said but I'm gonna make you fall in love with it.

I openit, please just 3 spoon per each glass.

It's sticky because it's made of sugar, you canspill it over if you want, not on your colleague because he needs to play music.

So exactly,1, another spoon 2 and 3.

With the same tempo music 1, 2, 3.

Do the same with this one 1,2, 3.

Ta, ta, ta- OK thank you so much.

OK we need some lime, green lime from Jamaicaas well.

I will cut it for you.

Now with your beautiful left hand and you as well, we squeezeit directly in the glass, yeah? Oh, look at it.

This is how we do it.

This is how theBrett Domino Trio squeeze a lime with their style.

Thank you guys, well done.

Let's dumpit inside, I like your spirit of initiative of garnishing, perfect.

Now moving on, I'mgonna pour myself the Jamaican ginger beer.

All the way up, all the way up, all the wayup, all the way up here as well.

Perfect, perfect.

How do we drink it? With our mouthsof course.

But we need to put a straw, so like you guys play music you can be the directorof orchestra.

This is the orchestral stick but also, aswell, like a straw.

So we putit inside each glass, stir it, you can try, exactly, exactly.

This looks good.

It looksgood eh? It's very energetic like your personality and this drink is the perfect cocktail tosuggest to Tinie Tempah.

Now he is in Jamaica, under the sun, playing music, dreaming aboutchilli.

We made it up, we made it up with my brothers.

Brett Domino Trio, they are herewith us and they are about try the cocktail they just made, the Jamaican Me Thirsty.

Guysplease try from the straw, don't spill it.

So, after the first sip what do we get fresh,citrusy Jamaican.

Tinie Tempah, you must be very proud of what these two guys have donefor you.

If you wanna see you and everybody what they do you should check on this boxthere, their beautiful channel.

If you wanna see what we have done this week at the cocktailrequest week you should check on this side.

Guys, let's point this way.

On this side,don't be shy, this side, yes! Very enthusiastic, yes, say hi to the camera.

Thank you, Hi.

Ciao boys, see you tomorrow eh?.

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