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Jamaican Jerk Chicken and what are we doing is Jimmy sure glaze he's the obvious shit you p use and where you wanna I waskinda firefighters son you know I was a do itsmajor chicken and I was following a recipe Jamaican Jerk Marinade specifically who it was Butler cooked it you know i mean it count tasted okayrutler caribbeanpot.

Com now the purpose of the everglades urgentcare slather Jamaican jerk chicken recipe for it or not today so let's take a lookand see these ingredients are ingredients we are rolling with today isgonna be some Chinese five spice we have some cinnamonground close some rosemary thyme Jamaican allspice I have firm brown sugar obviously I have the jalapenos or scotchbonnet peppers however you wanna refer to a man I can't tell a differenceI just think the same thing so tell me if I'm wronghe went I have them a green onions I have some ginger pastedown there I am going with them so with us you needto shop at your Asian markets got that big ol pal a source us for dollar 50 if that a orange juice we're gonna beused in this orange marmalade right there s gonna bekinda thickener we handsome honey been a year and then thought I have some leftover read any other usethe rest to those and I'll be using a little canola oil so those gonna be a basicingredients I am gonna kinda get prepped up a little bit and we willpick it up then her with is I start with my dryingredients so I already have a measured out for thebest for me.

making so in this particular batch is going tobe a medium-size Bachner the it may be into being like it alittle over a quarter I have a quarter cup brown sugar here I have mom rosemary and thyme back here those arethree tablespoons each of those I have a tablespoon of Chinese 55 I have tables or a teaspoon ground close and I have one and a halfteaspoon a Jamaican of place miss can assume wordof grace has a little it almost case like clothes but there'slittle something else in there so I went ahead and added that really our first step in this is just toget this in the park that we're gonna be cooking in and other my next step already have these on the happen here as I'm rollin workedwell happen eros I have one and a half for green onionsthat are kinda tap into smaller pieces man I have about a onion %uh you know one red onion sorry laminated get my food processorout and start put mister together do this in a couplebatches one thing I forgot we roll with the head in an oven was I got some roasted garlic there that is about to 13 close that risk a start at mister to the era food processor are you might want to useGoogle Earth I'm not going to but to them I don't think this gonna be that high Idon't have a mic and cut into your anything that happened here so it looks like doesn't appear so I got here through in my car and I'm gonna through in just a littlebit well just Sakana just look and leasebinder something in there no other reason than that soaring getthat killer for right through we get this done pretty well Linda here's Luna briscoe take this and at this new year probably a look at this mixture is therethat doesn't want you to make me don't worry about it is going to getthere so gonna add that to our dry ingredients are RSS gonna be are dry ingredients now I'm in a startup with this is going to be about home into the cup vinegar said and now we are ready to move on overthis though this is worse than a release for takin shakes analyst let's go over here check it out by thistime next year we are at the store who best Jamaican jerk marinade recipe it will our next thing we're at is goingto be our orange marmalade ok K missus the euro sizes 18 ounce jar the same as be a Walmart value brand like if they will manage think that that I'm going with and 8 a hooker both so I start how to make jerk chicken when the squeeze paste ginger i'ma could about 4 ounces in there this is adownstairs so happy that four ounces and thought this is going to be to tastebut I'm gonna murdoch where this is gonna be about 3 teaspoon tablespoon the thaw so I got mine Bernard just now go I'm and I'ma let this cook for a while nowdepending on how it looks that's never gonna determine how muchmoney we put in there when should only take a little bit ohoney in this I am gonna probably have a little bitmore vinegar up but and the description below I will have how much for everything andput in here because I will be measured as they goalong even though I typically just with stuff together anyway we're gonna pick mister hang onlet this go for probably an hour so we'll pick it up in an hour see %uhthings are lookin kinda been cooking down for about forty minutes sofar they enter looks like this thing up summer time play here that his fingers to it does look like inthese low tho so I may add salt to taste yeah I have another jerk recipe vinegar in there so this company justunder Cup for the entire batch and honey I am gonna go with three-quarter jerk marinade ingredients now i main and a little bitmore vinegar for thinking is little more picssaying but as the right now are only thing todo now miss it back what's a welcome to SweetiePie's and their that's gonna be in our checkback in about 30 minutes we should be done or close toit by then are I'm not sure you can see theconsistency but is kinda wanna thicker stuff they're still at it rosemary thats caravan their from probably can see Tara theconsistency ok where there isn't a single andjournalists have actually this ended up making this thing is going to be aboutaccording to Hannah it in but I might try to not get another shotcoming up with this stuff come looks like oneis going to be a little bit cooler because the SMA it's not I guess you could be theharbour time moonlit this it out but on a might get a little closer look at this and one thing led theschool dance again amor see what looks like an RP mattertwo times and I'm not him it should have but anyway I'm be back in a bit best Jamaican jerk recipe chillin out for a while he not perfectand brushed his own some I don't think this just seem kinda seethe consistency over not sure if you can actually see it from there so its kinda lookin make back so would be perfect chicken but Anderson wouldn't tissueofficials estimate it was cooked third systems for now one thing I've gotmention what I am wearing really Gartnersweatshirt game so if you want an all-time classic guyand Marines on his page he's wearing our mister use a gift from somebody so Hewitt www.


Com as far as this goes try not to miss theboundary lines and spicy food in this is X only one other thing I want to do you and that's the comment I guess 30 days subscribe to No Hippie BBQ.

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