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Mark: As we were searchingThrough the 400 recipes trying to decide which ones to bring on, there was a Jamaican jerkchicken that got my attention.

And didn't see who was going to work.

And then realized there were two names.

Are you ready from the barber shop.

For those of you that love football.

Marcus Trufant, Washington state cougars,and Terry Hollimon, Washington huskies.

You guys cook?>> Believe it or not.

>> Yes.

>> Yes.

We do it all.

>> Mark: I know you guys do your own thingon the barber shop.

Real quick, explain barber shop, what do youdo on the radio? >> The barber shop.

>> It's exactly what it sounds like.

Everybody comes into the barber shop.

Not only do you get a haircut, you talk current events, sports, everything, that's what wedo.

>> And you do all kinds of things.

You can probably go in the barber shop and get some jerk chicken and red beans and riceif you wanted to.

>> Mark: We know how men are.

We do talk about foods.

And the foods that we like.


Terry, let's start with you, this recipe,we're about to see both of you contribute to.

What part is yours? >> I'm going to do the Jamaican jerk chicken.

The Jamaican jerk chicken.

It's in Jamaica where I was born.

>> I wasn't born in Jamaica, I've never been there in my life.

But I grew up around a lot of Jamaican guys and they had it in the house,and I've always wand it.

So I picked up a little bit here and therewith the recipe.

that's where I came up with my own version.

>> Mark: And Marcus to add to this wonderful jerk chicken.

>> Yes.

We have the red beans and rice, been in myfamily for a long time.

Both of my parents from the south, my dadfrom New Orleans, my mom from Texas.

So red beans and rice have been a part ofthe family for a long time.

And it's one of those meals, you can eat alot of it.

So growing up as a young boy, had full platesof red beans and rice.

And that's where I got these guys.

>> Mark: We love the plates.

They're going back in the kitchen with Bridget.

Think about that cookbook, support everything you love here.

You ready? >> Let's do it.

�� >> Bridget: So guys, I'm so excited to haveyou here.


>> Thank you.

We're excited to be here.

>> Bridget: So what are you guys going to share?>> Well, I'm going to make my world famous Jamaican jerk chicken.

It's something that I picked up growing up.

A lot of friends were Jamaican.

I wasn't Jamaican, I was an American kid, but I always wanted to learn how to make it.

>> Bridget: So here we.

>> Yeah can, let's do it.

So really, the secret to this dish is in marinating.

That's the only real major thing that takes place here.

And I just want to quarter this.

Because we're going to put everything in ourblender here and just whiz it up.

I'll quarter this, so we can fit it in ourblender.

>> I'll help you.

>> Bridget: Use some muscle over there.

That's cool.

>> Very easy, just throw that.

>> Bridget: So how far in advance do you go?>> How far in advance? For marinating, I like to marinate this forat least 24 hours.

Sometimes you're in a rush, I have a lot ofkids and they're hungry.

>> Bridget: How many kids you have?>> I have four.

And Marcus has four too.

>> Bridget: All the kids get together with play dates?>> Mine are a little younger than Terry's.

I don't want them getting beat up by Terry'sbig kids.

>> No, I have girls.

>> Bridget: They're babysitting for yours.

>> Right.

>> Bridget: Got it.

>> So we got the onion in and want to putthe garlic in as well.

>> Bridget: So you've got about six clovesof garlic.

>> Got about six cloves of garlic, six toeight.

And the marinade you want it really kind ofpowerful because it's going to soak into the chicken.

>> Bridget: Yeah, speaking of powerful.

>> We'll get to that in a minute.


So what we have here is brown thyme.

Have some peppercorns.

>> Bridget: Wow, delicious.

>> Put the ginger in, we have ginger.


This is really the key ingredient to this.


>> Bridget: What do they call it in Jamaican? >> All spice.

>> Sounds like old spice.


>> Bridget: Pimento, right.

>> Not to be confused at all with old spice.

Marcus brought his jokes today.

We also have brown sugar.

We're going to cut this because it's goingto be spicy.

So this mellows it out a little bit, so weadd the brown sugar as well.

>> Bridget: Perfect.

>> And then here is the secret ingredientthat makes this the jerk.

The habanero.

In Jamaica, they like to use the scotch bonnet.

>> Bridget: That's beautiful.

Those are awesome.

>> The key here is these are very, very spicy.

>> Bridget: I see you heading toward the blender.

Seeds and all.

>> Yeah, we go seeds and all.

We're gonna keep it spicy.

>> Bridget: Do your girls like it spicy? >> Absolutely not.

[LAUGHTER] So that's why I wanted to ask you as well.

I don't know how spicy you like it.

>> I like it spicy.

>> One scotch bonnet, two, or do you want to go three?>> Bridget: Marcus, I'll ask you.

What do you think? I'll go three.

>> Go for the gusty.

This is going to be really spicy when youput three of them in.

>> Bridget: So when you'reWorking with them, you just pop them in, seeds and all, the seeds the hottest, right?>> That's the most spicy part.

>> Bridget: Now, if you can't find them, whatshould you use? >> Again, if you can't find scotch bonnet,which is very difficult to find, habaneros areusually at most grocery stores.


>> Bridget: You're right, some of those havethem.

>> We also have soy sauce.

I usually put a half cup of soy sauce in.

Also, to add a little sweet and citrus because this is a Caribbean dish, orange juice.

>> You like that, huh? That's a little different.

>> You thought I was gonna bring some for you to drink?>> Bridget: Got to have something.

>> Olive oil.

>> Bridget: Okay.

>> And then regular white vinegar.

>> Bridget: Okay.

>> All right.

>> Bridget: Oh, look at that.


So it's pretty tart.

>> It's got a little tartness to it.

Again, this is a very, very flavorful dish.

As you can see, we've put a lot of good spicesin there.

We want to blend that up.

All right, all right.

[blender whirring]>> Want to get it really smooth.

>> Bridget: So wait a minute.

>> That's not barbecue sauce.

See, my friends were Jamaican, I'm southern.

So I took the Jamaican and I add the barbecue sauce in here to make it southern.

That makes it the Terry Hollimon.

>> I see what you did there, okay.

>> So here's what people don't know.

When you hear the word jerk chicken, it'snot because it's a guy with a bad attitude.

It's Jamaican, the word "jerk," it's Jook,in Jamaican, when they say jerk, it means to poke.

>> Bridget: Oh, that's what you wanted the fork for.

>> Exactly.

We want to poke the chicken so that the marinadecan penetrate in.

>> Bridget: I just learned something new today.

>> So you say it like a Jamaican, it's like Jook chicken.

>> Bridget: Let's go toJamaica.


>> Ya, Mon.

>> Bridget: I can here the steel drums.

�� >> Ya, Mon.

Keep it jerking, jerking.

So like I said, what I want to do is I wantto make sure everything is completely coated.

I want to make sure this marinade goes inmy refrigerator.

I wrap it and it goes in the refrigeratorfor 24 hours.

>> Bridget: Cool.

>> We're going to pretend we put that in for24 hours.

We got a nice baking dish and pour it allin.

>> Bridget: Do you really?>> Yeah.

>> Bridget: Juice and all?>> Juice and all, yeah.

>> Bridget: Cool, okay.

>> Then I set my oven to 375�.

>> Bridget: Put that in there, okay.

>> Let that thing go, 375�.

Go before that one.

375� for about 35, 40 minutes.

>> And the last 5 minutes, what I do, whatI do before the last 5 minutes, I add my favorite barbecue sauce.

I don't have any in particular that I want to endorse today.

But I just take a little barbecue sauce and I broil it for the last five minutes, so itgets a nice glaze.

>> Bridget: That's beautiful.

What are we serving with this? >> Well, since you asked.

>> Bridget: We got Frack over here.

>> What we'll be doing today.

Let me get set up over here.

We will be having the jerk chicken and it will be accompanied with red beans and rice,which was a dish that's been in my family for a long time.

Both of my parents are from down south.

My dad is from New Orleans.

My mom is from Texas.

>> Bridget: Nice.

>> So the red beans and rice have been in the family for a long time, as a kid, atea lot of that.

Could you hand me that bowl, please?We want to wash the beans off.

That's what we want to get started with.

>> Bridget: Perfect.

And then I got your pepper here.

>> Yes, got my peppers.

Jalape�os because we like it spicy too overat the Trufant household.

So what you're going to start with, take yourpeppers or bell peppers, throw that in the pot.

>> Bridget: And then you boil them.

>> Yes.

>> Bridget: Neat.

>> And then you throw your onions in.

>> Bridget: So you've got about four cupsof water here? >> Yeah.

I'd say about two quarts of water.

And put your garlic in.

And start this early, so that your flavor starts to cook in.

You want it to get up in there.

Simmer it all in.

>> Bridget: This is great.

>> And then we like it spicy, like I said.

We got a lot of jalape�os here, but I'mgoing to dump the whole thing in here.

>> Bridget: So you add it or not?>> Yeah.

But we like it spicy.

>> Bridget: So these are like The pickled sliced jalape�os that you buyat the market? >> Right.

And then you take your kidney beans, and those are nice.

And these are already clean.

You want to rinse them off.

So you take them over to the sink, rinse these off, and then pour themin a bowl.

And usually, what my mom and dad do, whatmy grandma would do, is let these soak overnight.

>> Bridget: So they rehydrate.

>> Right.

But we live in a faster timenow, us young folk.

>> Bridget: Pressure cookers.

>> So you would just add water to this, put it in the microwave 10 to 15 minutes or so.

And you want to check it.

You just want those to be a nice texture.

You want them to be good.

>> Reporter: Nice.

>> And after that, we go for about 10 to 15 minutes.

All of that just goes right in there.

>> Bridget: Okay.

>> All of that goes right in there.

And then while that's going,.

>> Bridget: You just bring it to a simmer and let it simmer away.

>> Yeah.

Just let it simmer away.

While that's going, you definitely have to have your meat going, which is a ham hock,that's country now, that's what they do down there, that swine.

So you grab that.

And that could be the bone, pickled pork,that could be it.

>> Bridget: So does that go in here?>> Yes, that goes in there.

>> Bridget: And do you add some of the cookingliquid? >> No.

Because that's really salty.

So you want all that salt to cook out.

You don't want it to be too salty.

Nobody likes a salty dish.

>> Bridget: And you got one here, I think.

>> Yes.

>> Bridget: Wow.

Look at that.

>> That's the finished product, the lovely product right there.

To go with it, you got the jerk chicken, the red beans and rice.

And you got to have the corn bread, that's how that works.

My household, my mother's household, not so much in my dad's.

They would do it from scratch.

But like I said, we are of a younger people,and we like to move fast, we got cell phones, we got our social media and everything, wegot computers.

So a quick mix, and grab that, put that ina pot, mix it up, crack an egg in there, put some milk in there.

>> Bridget: That's beautiful.

>> Mix it all together, all up in there.

And then you got your lovely corn bread.

You got to add sugar to it.

That's how I get my kids to eat it.

Kind of like a cake, but still corn bread.

>> Bridget: All right.

Plate one up.

>> All right.

Let's plate one up and make it work.

>> Bridget: So there's a knife for the corn bread.

Here you go.

>> So we got the rice.

And of course, the beans go with the rice.

>> Bridget: So I've got the beans, you gotyour rice.

All right.

Let me get you a spoon for this.

>> I'm going to put the jerk on first.

>> Bridget: Don't call Marcus that, he's nice.

>> He's not the jerk, Mon.

At least not in front of company.


>> Sorry.

>> I'm going to cutJust a small piece of corn bread, not too much.

>> Bridget: So do you guys cook a lot at home? >> I cook all the time, yeah.

I love to cook.

When I was young, I was really greedy, soI had to learn how to cook because my mom wouldn't cook all the time.

So I had to figure it out.

>> You know what, I cook, not very often.

>> Bridget: You're a busy guy, you both are.

>> Yeah, busy guy.

Got a lot of kids.

my wife is very busy also taking care of thekids.

So I think I'm going to try to step it up.

I'm going to cook more, help her out a littlebit.

>> Bridget: I have a really important question.

When you were playing football, how many calories a day did you have to eat?>> Oh, man, this isn't a show where we have to be too healthy, right?>> Bridget: I'm so curious.

>> I was one of those guys, I'm hooked onpastries and stuff like that.

And I would eat a lot.

I would eat a whole lot.

>> Tell the truth.

>> Bridget: What is it?Michael Phelps was at like 10,000 a day? >> Yeah.

I don't know if I was that crazy.

But I would eat a lot, because you practice all day atthe facility, you're lifting weights, and it's a full day, it's an eight hour job ofrunning around and being on the field.

And you've got to be a fool if you're goingto go out there and go crazy, that's what we did.

>> Bridget: Hit the wall.

>> Yeah.

Temporary insanity for a couple hours on the football field.

>> Bridget: Beautiful.

I got a little cilantro.

>> That looks pretty good.

>> Bridget: Beautiful little cilantro forgarnish.

>> Have you ever had a plate that looked thatpretty, Marcus? >> I'm going to do it like I used to.

That's how I would do my plate when I was about 10 years old.

But it would be more of a.

>> Bridget: Come on, here's a fork for you.

>> Who's first? >> Bridget: This looks awesome.

Thank you so much.

Mark, you're really missing out.

Gentlemen, this is fabulous.

>> Thank you.

>> Lovely, thank you.

>> Bridget: Barbecue at your house, what isgoing on tonight? >> Probably going to be making some jerk chicken.

My door is always open, so you can come by.

Almost had a fight over the chicken.

>> Bridget: So good to have you guys.

Really appreciate it.

>> Thank you for having us.

>> Yeah, thank you, thank you.

>> Bridget: Super cool.


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