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What's up, guys? Welcome back to Vagabrothers.

Right now we are in Jamaica with Carnival.

This is our first shore excursion, which means we've got one day to explore Montego Bay.

We're going to go from here up into the mountains to the Croydon Plantation to learn a bit more about the island's history and culture.

Let's do it, man.


So we have just taken a beautiful bus ride through the interior of Jamaica, about an hour and a half from the port, and we're up here at Croydon Plantation.

It's a coffee, pineapple, and banana plantation.

Montego Bay is a big port of entry for Jamaica.

It's the second biggest city in the country.

The name comes from Spanish times: "Manteca" means lard in Spanish, and that was where the Spanish would export lard and beef until the British came in 1655 when they invaded , took over the colony.

It transitioned into piracy and then became really, really prosperous as a plantation state: mostly sugar.

But this plantation ,as Alex said , is focused on pineapples, bananas, and coffee.

So we're going to go learn a bit more about the life style here and how it was in the past, and see what we can take away from the experience.

Let's go, dude.

What is this? It's called pineapple drink.

It's made from the skins of the pineapples, or you have it boiled with crushed ginger straight up.

So good.

This is really cool to see how lush this landscape is, how productive Jamaica is in the agricultural sphere.

You can plant pretty much anything here, and it will grow.

Look at this thing.

Basically, you are in the community know as Catadupa.

And Catadupa dates back into the days of slavery.

It was home of the Croydon Estate.

In the 1830s, there was a rebellion, a slave revolt, which was started by one of their own slaves known as Samuel Sharpe.

It sparked off a huge rebellion that lasted for eight days.

Samuel Sharpe was later captured.

He was later hanged.

His final words were, "I'd rather hang in the gallows than live another day as a slave.

" A bit of back round on the Croydon place: originally this would have been a sugar plantation.

Jamaica grew really rich as part of the Triangle Trade, which was essentially exporting sugar, molasses, and rum to England, which brought back manufactured goods and traded also with Africa for slaves to run this plantation.

Now this plantation focuses more on coffee We've just missed the coffee season, but we're going to take a look around the fields and maybe see some berries that are still on the trees.

That is the raw bean.

it's got to be dried, separated from the husked and roasted.

That's it.

Unfortunately, guys, our time up here at Croydon Plantation is over.

We've got to hop back on the bus and back on the ship.

So, definitely coming back to Jamaica.

I don't know about you, but I really dig this island, and I'm excited to come back.

Thank you so much, Alicia.

High five.

You are awesome.

We totally "full-joyed" it.

It was my pleasure.

See you next time.

yeah, man.

Thank you.

Bye, Jamaica.

See you next time.

We'll stay longer.

Back onto the Carnival Breeze, man.

Well dude, how cool was Jamaica? It was really fun.

We're on our way right now to the Cayman Islands, where we'll be tomorrow morning.

But first, we're going to swing by some karaoke because they have karaoke here with a live band.

Last performer of the evening, Marko! Hats off to you.

I don't have a hat, but if I did, I would take it off.

I don't have a voice anymore because that was about (you sang your heart out) a couple octaves too high.

That was my second choice.

My first one was Journey Don't Stop Believing.

But someone else did that right before me, and I had to go for the second choice.

You had to stop believing, and then you had to live on a prayer.

But luckily, the night is not over.

Now we get to eat steak and drink red wine.

So, let's do that.

Fahrenheit Steakhouse.

Let's do it! Lamb chops, medium well Cowboy Steak You're fearless.

Well, I just feel sorry for everyone's eardrums.

Drink up.

All right guys.

That was an amazing day in the highlands of Jamaica.

So stoked.

I'm so glad we finally got there.

Yeah, it's a very cool country.

But tomorrow we're going to another cool country.

We're going to the Cayman Islands.

We're going to be scuba diving at a ship wreck.

It should be very cool.

Stay tuned for that tomorrow.

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