Jamaican Cuisine at the NyamJam with Action Bronson

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Ah, thank you sir! I'm in love with Jamaican food! Spy on me! Carriage.

We needed to take a little height.

It is in the parking lot of a Home Depot.

It was in Jamaica, it has just landed.

And the first thing we did was to go nab Jamaican food.

I had not really want to come back here with this shit time.

But we had no choice.

If it were up to me, I would have stayed in Jamaica until the end of my days.

What's up, motherfuckers band? I am eating the best mango my fucking life.

It is in Goldeneye.

A little piece of paradise tucked away on the north coast.


I came here to attend the first edition the NyamJam.

A festival that combines music, cooking, culture and art.

Cookies are getting higher.

Cookies are going up loving myself.

I took the macaroons at Utopia Farms.

This is good stuff.

This is the Caribbean pumpkin coleslaw.

So I did a little preparation containing saffron vinaigrette.

Roasted red peppers.

And a little Parmesan on top.


It's good because it's hot, it's a little humanity.

It all cooked together.

This Parmesan.

we direct feels, it feels good.

This small boost provided by the scotch bonnet pepper, then.

I just love it.

The coleslaw pumpkin? The best dish of the day.

Thank you Chef.

We are here ! I forgot the name of the fucking guy who cooked marlin.

A massacre.

A large Italian bastard.

Michael Chiarello of Jamaica.

It was a beautiful marlin, very good fish.

You know what, this is the first time I eat marlin.

I'll take a few marlin – I want a little of everything.

This is one of the restaurant's signature dishes.

Marinated marlin? Yeah.

The shrimp are lightly spiced and marinated in orange juice.

Unable to crash when you eat at the place where the ingredients come from.

A few meters only.

That's wonderful.

"The goat curry in the area" I still have the mouth water thinking about it.

How is it going ? OK.

You have the goat curry? Give me a bit, please.

I'm not a big fan of goat meat.

It's a little too gamey for me.

A little too strong in taste.

But the way it was seasoned got the better of it.

It had the delicate flavor of a baby – The baby meat something.

Pork way "jerk".

Yeah man, you tell them what your fans? I tell them all the time every day: I love you.

What do you tell them, you? Come to Jamaica, come eat curry goat and pork way "jerk", man.

Thank you for coming, bro.

Thank you for hosting me.

These sandwiches have the crazy air.

So it makes smoking the chicken with chilli bay leaves.

crushed pepper bay leaves.

This is what gives the typical taste of "jerk".

Wood pepper is exported.

But is recovered leaves, and ground.

And that gives us this.

And it is sold everywhere.

It is with this thing that was smoked chicken.

It's incredible.

I did the squid way "jerk" when I got home.

With these little pepper berry pieces he gave me.

It was crazy.

You must me in reserves seven more like that.

You regale you on our island? It's really awesome.

I should have synchronized swimming.

Mate-a little this view.

Mortel, yeah man.

It's good for the festival.

And as you can see, the festival is a success.

But I not joking, I really want seven more, please.

Sandwiches like that, I could have engulfed at least 55 000 more.

Coconut homemade bread, smoked chicken and this little crunchy coleslaw.

I love Jamaica! If your thing is, condiments, the sauces, and marinades way "jerk" served with lots of little schmilblicks next, to compliment your meats and your meals.

Jamaica is the place for you.

No, I have not tasted yet.

It's crazy ? You want to try ? Of course ! Here we go.

Starts with a little bite.

Because it takes you to feel the aroma first.

And then you test it over with.

My fucking mustache, do shit! You love this butter passion fruit? That's crazy.

What the name "Stush in the bush?" She: Stush.

Me: bush.

In fact we live in the bush.

We take pleasure, it is sexy.

It has great taste.

But we are close to nature.

I like that spirit.

Yeah, man.

And now I'll go take a dip in the ocean.

The flavors explode in the air all around me.

I want to stay here for life, I do not want to leave.

It remains macaroons, I'll run you a bit.

I'll spin you one.

And he'll smash your head.

Because you see I walk there, but I have no idea what I'm doing.

I noticed that.

It's weird.

Come fly off.

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