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[MUSIC] Look at these! >> Hey, you know why the shrimpwouldn't share his treasures? >> [LAUGH] No, why? >> Because he was a little shellfish.

>> [LAUGH] You need tokeep your clam shut.

>> [LAUGH] Hey everybody! Welcome to How to Feed a Loon, I'm Kris>> And I'm Wesley.

>> Old clammy Loon here.

>> I'm not clammy.

>> I know.

>> The Loon! >> Sowe are going to make an incredible dish.

Building on that incredible shrimp humor,let's make a great shrimp dish, shall we? We're going to go Italian today.

You're going to love it, you'regoing to want to make this immediately.

We're going to do some Shrimp Fra Diavolo.

>> Yes, I love Fra Diavolo.

>> I do too.

So Fra Diavolo means devilish brother, is what that means.

>> kind of like a monk or something? >> No, just a brother who's like,you know, devilish.

>> Okay.

>> Neither of us have any brothers and so, I can't relate to it.

>> Well, I have two devilish sisters.

Well, I say they're devilish,but they say I'm devilish.

>> And I sort of lean towards them.

I have a sister too and we've had ourdevilish moments way long time ago.

But we love each other now andthey're the best things in the world.

>> Yeah, squeeze them hard.

>> That's right, love you sis.

>> [LAUGH]>> Okay, what we're going to do is I'm going to show you how tomake this incredible sauce.

It's so flavorful,it's got a little heat but you can adjust that to whateveryour liking is, it's fantastic.

>> Love it.

>> So let's go over here, what I've done is I'vegot some sauce started.

So it all started with thisgreat sauce that I've made here.

Let me tell you how I did this.

I started off by sauteingin some olive oil, some minced garlic,half an onion that I chopped.

This is another little secretlittle ingredient to the sauce.

You may think ooh, butit's so good, anchovies.

>> I love anchovies.

>> They're good, some people like,ooh, I don't want any anchovies.

>> I know,it's like they really hate anchovies.

>> I know, and I think that they would besurprised at how many really great dishes that they probably love and don'teven realize there's anchovies in it.

>> Like what's this delicious flavor? >> It's not a prominent flavor, it just->> It's an anchovy.

>> [LAUGH] it just boosts the flavor.

So anyway, so we've got anchovies,we've got garlic, onion.

And then what adds the heat,the really great part of this, are the red pepper flakes.

You see those like in pizza joints.

>> Yes.

>> A little bit goes a long way, soI would start with say, a teaspoon.

Maybe, two teaspoons.

>> Yeah, make it hot.

>> Three teaspoons.

>> It's Fra Diavolo.

>> But taste as you go,because once you add too much heat, it's hard to get that heat out.

>> That's okay, you can just breathfire for the rest of the day.

Hi, I'm [SOUND] Wesley.

>> Been on the receivingend of that a few times.

And then you're going totake a 28 ounce can, of what I love are San Marzano tomatoes,whole tomatoes.

>> You know, there's somethingspecial about the San Marzano tomato.

>> Well, first of all you have to makesure when you're getting the can that it's certified San Marzano,from San Marzano, Italy.

>> Which is right next Mount Vesuvius andNaples.

>> Yes, and it's really the soil thereis really rich from the volcano, so it just produces these besttomatoes in the world, I think.

They're really wonderful.

So, a little technique that I'velearned along the way that a lot of chefs and people do.

I don't know why it's special buttake the whole tomatoes and you want to squeeze them over the sauce.

>> Squeeze them.

>> Do it with your hands.

I think it's just the love from doingthat that makes it that much better.

>> It's fun to squeeze a tomato.

>> You don't want to do a knife orfood processor, anything like that.

You want to give it the love.

>> I think there should be a job for squeezing tomatoes.

>> There probably is.

>> Well, what would we call it? >> A tomato squeezer.

>> [LAUGH]>> But anyway, then you're going to pour that saucein there, and then you're going to take a half a cup of good quality drywhite wine and add that to the mix.

And then a pinch or two, maybe abouta half a teaspoon, of kosher salt.

And then just let that simmer.

You're going to build up that heat,and it's, can you smell that? Doesn't that smell amazing?>> Yes, what are these things? >> I'm going to tell you,if you would just hold on.

>> All right, I'm sorry, I got all thisstuff in front of me, I'm trying to focus.

>> Let's get to our shellfish, shall we? >> [LAUGH] Yeah.

>> Okay, sothis is some shrimp that has been cleaned.

It's been shelled and it's been deveined.

Which means the shells have beentaken off and they've been cleaned.

>> Peeled is a good word for that.

>> Yeah, and this is probably two pounds.

These are medium sized, you can usethe large, the jumbo, whatever you like.

We like the medium to large.

>> Yes, go to your local fishmonger.

I'm talking weird today.

>> I don't know what you're talking.

Anyway, you're just going todump those right into the sauce.

And these babies cook up so quickly.

This is what you call poaching.

Some people will sear them in the skilletfirst with a little bit of garlic and some white wine.

That's perfectly fine, you just haveto be careful because shrimp cook so quickly that you can overcook them.

And then they get hard andrubbery and no one likes that.

Here I've got about two tablespoonsof fresh basil that I've chopped.

>> You can already see that that->> Yeah, they start to turn pink, they're fabulous.

>> Fabulous Fra Diavolo>> Then we've got two tablespoons of chopped parsley.

And now this is a littlesecret that I love.

This is pepperoncini, you've seen these,probably, they're great on sandwiches.

They've got a little bit of heat,they're in a brine that's really briny and kind of tart.

I took those and I chopped them, andI've got about two tablespoons here.

And then I put in two tablespoonsof the brine from the jar.

And that's just going to go in there too.

And it's just going to deepen the flavor.

>> Are those different than the banana? >> Yeah, it's just a different variety.

They're similar but they kind of got the same heat level,and they're certainly tart.

You see how those shrimpare just cooking right up? >> Yes, it gives a nice tang! >> And that's all you do.

And these will literally cook.

>> Look at that,those are like super shrimp.

>> They're super deliciousshrimp is what they are.

>> [LAUGH]>> Okay, I'm going to let thesecook just a little bit.

And I'm going to talk about ourpasta that we've got over here.

This a pasta dish, sowe need pasta, right? So, I'm going to use somethingthat's called bucatini.

>> Ooh! >> It's really great, I just love it.

It's spaghetti that's hollowed out,it's a little thicker >> And it's good with carbonara.

>> It is good with carbonara.

And you can see right here,it's got a nice hardy girth to it.

>> Yes! >> And then you're going to want tocook this until it's al dente.

This is about eight minutes,so it's about ready right now.

>> Do you want to putsome of that in there? >> Yeah, let me do this.

>> Look at me,acting like I know what I'm doing.

>> Sowhat were going to do is switch this.

I'm going to crank thisheat up a little bit.

>> All right, spoon the sauce! >> We're going to take some of this sauce,[SOUND] we're going to put it in here.

>> Ooh, hear that sizzle.

>> Fra diavolo! And what that does,is it just starts the sauce going.

>> Yes.

>> Okay, and then we're going to takesome of this pasta that's been cooking.

>> Mm, look at that.

>> And we're going to putthis over in here like that.

>> Ooh, can I mix a little bit? >> Sure, and what's great about this, you want to get that first base ofsauce to really adhere to the pasta.

So here, I know you like being dainty.

>> [LAUGH]>> If you could get that in there and get it really kind ofgoing nice with the party.

See that.

>> Bring it all in, yes! I just love that pasta.

I love that it has that spaghetti feel,but it's thicker and it just, mm! It so good.

>> It's really amazing, I know, I know.

Okay, and now we're going to take this.

>> Did you say some peopleuse angel hair pasta with it? >> Angel hair is another very commondish or another pasta that's used for this that's wonderful.

>> So you've got the angel and the devil.

>> Yeah, [LAUGH] you do,the good and the bad, right? >> Yes.

>> So this is a lovely Italian dish, it's really popular with Italianfamilies during the holidays.

A tradition is to do multiplecourses using seafood.

>> Ooh, those look good.

>> This dish, I believe,originates in the south of Italy.

There's some that even think that it camefrom Sicily, as far south as Sicily.

>> Like Cicely Tyson? >> Well, whatever your name recognitionhelps you remember the name of it.

>> [LAUGH]>> But look at that, doesn't that look- >> She was in Sounder, one of my favorite movies ever.

>> Okay, but we digress there.

>> [LAUGH]>> So let's go ahead and plate this up, shall we? And look how quickly that came together.

>> Do you want to turnoff your pasta water? >> Okay, sure, why not? >> [LAUGH] I'm alwayssafety first in our house.

Where are my roller skates? >> Making a little bit of a mess here.

>> Lord.

>> Dear.

This is why you don't serve pastawith holes in your bowls [LAUGH].

>> [LAUGH] I didn't even notice that.

>> Well, that's->> Here, just pop that in.

>> You have to taste your food first.

>> We could have had a Lady andthe Tramp moment.

>> Mm, that's true we could've.

>> [LAUGH]>> My gosh, that's so good.

>> Wow, you made a mess.

>> That's all right.

>> What are you going to do with that? >> I'm going to put it right in the sink.

>> [LAUGH] Perfect.

>> Hand me my towel there please.

>> Yes, here's a towel,get that nice and clean.

>> All right.

>> So look, the shrimp, actually it tooklike maybe two minutes for that to cook.

>> It takes about three minutes, yeah.

>> Wow, and you can smell.

Yes, you can smell the tomatoes, the San Marzano tomatoes.

>> Mm-hm, and the wine and the anchovies->> Well, you know what you shouldactually serve with this? >> What?>> Well, you've got a dilemma once again.

Well, it's not really a dilemma,you've got shrimp and you've got pasta, andyou've got a tomato sauce.

>> You're talking wine.

>> Wine, yes, I'm talking wine.

Sorry, I've moved on to wine.

So you can either drink a whitebecause of the fish, or drink a red because of the tomato sauce.

I like actually, a rose.

>> I was going to say that.

>> This is hot, soyou want a cool, crisp wine.

>> To cool off that heat.

>> Mm-hm, delicious.

So good, I wish I had some right here.

>> Okay, let's go in,I'm going to taste this.

I hope you turned up the heat on this.

>> I did.

>> Okay.

>> [LAUGH]>> I know this is me eating pasta.

>> It's never easy.

>> No, there we go,I'm going to slurp this in.

>> Yes? Say the words, the heat,the diavolo, Fra Diavolo? >> Yes, I'm like a fire-breathing dragon.

[LAUGH] That is so good.

That's amazing, I love that pasta.

>> I know.

>> And the tomatoes, wow.

I could eat that all day, butnow I need to have some of that antacid.

[LAUGH] Now, this is 100% Loon Approved! >> And that's How to Feed a Loon.

>> Yay, now you can get this recipe andmany more on howtofeedaloon.


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>> Yes, and>> I gotta dig in.

>> No, all right.

>> No, I'm sorry I have to.


>> [LAUGH] These holes.

>> I know, who's idea was that? >> It was mine, I am so sorry.

I didn't realize that you weregoing to fill it up so much.

>> That is good, it warms your chest.

>> I know, yeah,it's perfect for an autumn day.


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