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Hello everybody! Welcome to my channel "vita da prof".

My name is Serena and I am an Italian teacher currently livingin France.

Don't think about Paris, it's much less glamorous.

Anyway, I'm a little bit nervous because it's the first time I talk to the camera inEnglish.

Don't mind me.

I'm here today to teach you how to cook myfavorite Italian dish: "spaghetti alla carbonara".

Of course, I'm an Italian teacher, I'm nota chef, so my goal here is to teach you some Italian while doing something amazingly loving likecooking! How nice is that? So prepare yourself, because this video isgonna be in Italian, completely otherwise how can you expect tolearn anything, right? Don't worry because this video will have subtitles so the moment I start talking in Italian just make sure to activate them clicking onthe YouTube tool at the bottom of this video frame,right? If you're a beginner, I suggest that you watchthis video with English subtitles.

If you have an intermediate level of Italianyou might wanna try the Italian subtitles just to follow what I will tell you a littlebit better.

If you're proficient in Italian, please forgetabout the subtitles and just enjoy the recipe.

I will try my best! So let's start! "Cominciamo" "Pasta alla carbonara".

It might seem a simple recipe, but is not.

There are few ingredients, but they need tobe extra fresh.

And they have to be the right ones! Pasta alla carbonara is probably the mostmisunderstood and the most wrongly done in the world.

And Italians abroad who eat pasta alla carbonaraprepared by foreigners usually get very mad.

Because the first mistake is putting cookingcream in the sauce.

You can never ever do this! Never! For anyreason! Today I'll explain you how to prepare pastaalla carbonara in the right way, following my family's recipe, which mightbe not the best one, but it's my favorite [THE INGREDIENTS] First, we have to prepare the ingredients.

Let's see what we need to prepare pasta allacarbonara.


They need to be extra fresh, be careful.


Yes, jowl.

The pork cheek, not the bacon.

It's not possible to prepare the carbonarawith the bacon.

Well, it is possible, you can do it, but itwill never taste the same.

It will never taste as good as the authenticone, I'm sorry.



Olive oil.

Parmigiano Reggiano.

And of course, the spaghetti.

Fist, I'll put the water out with some salt.

While I'm waiting for it to boil, I'll preparethe other ingredients.

In a pan, I'll stir-fry the jowl.

If you're using a lot of fat from the jowl,it's not necessary to add the olive oil.

If you're using bacon, the olive oil is mandatory.

Once the bacon or the jowl are crispy, I'll remove the pan from the stove and I'llput it aside.

I'll grate the Parmigiano and I'll mix itwith the eggs shaken with some salt.

I only use the red part of the eggs, the yolks.

But people have many opinion about this.

When the bacon is cold, I'll mix it with theeggs with the parmigiano.

It needs to be a dense cream.

And the bacon needs to be cold, otherwisethe egg will cook and become an omelette.

which is wrong The water is boiling, we can start cookingthe pasta.

The spaghetti need to be drained very "aldente".

The box says "8 minutes", so I'll cook themonly 6 minutes.

The last 3 minutes are necessary to cook thepasta together with the sauce.

After 6 minutes I'll drain the spaghetti and I'll cook them in the pan where I cooked the jowl before.

I add the sauce of eggs and parmigiano.

I turn off the heat and I'll mix.

The sauce of eggs and parmigiano must nevercook completely.

It has to remain not too much fluid and nottoo much cooked.

You need to find the perfect mix.

I'll add some pepper.

And my pasta alla carbonara is ready to betasted.

I can finally eat! Let's try it out.

Very good! Excellent! If you liked this video don't forget to clickon the red button to subscribe to the channel I'll finish to eat.

Please leave a comment to know if you likedthis recipe-Italian lesson and if you would like to see more of this.

See you on my next video! Ciao! So good.

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