Italian food and wine in Galway: meet the people

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I arrived in Ireland in 1999 almost by chance during one of my trips I thought it was a very interesting place, so I decided to stay, to start working and get to know the country and the culture After years spent working in Ireland I thought I was ready to open my own business to express myself and my ideas about Italian cuisine and in particular through the cuisine from Sardinia, the region where I am from.

So, It was not planned at all.

At the beginning I actually wanted to open a restaurant.

I have always worked in this business, both in the kitchen and on the floor and I have always dealt with both food and wines.

We came here with the idea of opening a restaurant but we didn’t get the planning permission.

However I decided to stay here a couple of weeks, make a wine selection.

then weeks became months, then years.

This is how I ended up here today, doing something I had never planned.

This is about bringing our culture abroad, trying to make it famous beyond the Italian borders and making foreign people appreciate it.

At least this is what i think.

Of course, we try our best.

Obviously we had to “adapt” some dishes to the Irish culture.

But we have a policy of preparing and serving food, the Italian way I think that wine has one main purpose, fostering socialization I was raised in Venice.

I remember going to pick up my grandpa from work, and he would always stop in a tavern to drink a glass of wine Of course he would then bribe me with soda to keep the secret with my grandma.

This is what I’m talking about.

I have this picture in my head of people sitting around the table with a glass of wine.

And to me wine has still that function.

Honestly I think there's many of them.

We’ve served many different dishes, some even quite complicated You wonder, will they like it? But then it's a success I’m also happy because most people are able to actually enjoy some dishes such as fregola -Something that they'd never seen – Or bottarga Of course carbonara, Bolognese and lasagne will never come out of fashion but also something like gnocchetti sardi, the malloreddus, they're really appreciated What is the most popular product in Ireland? Nice question.

Well, if you want to buy and sell according to what Irish people like the most then the wines of choice are strong wines such as wines from Puglia, or Valpolicella.

However this is changing I was talking about it yesterday with some colleagues, The wines I sell in Dublin are different from the ones I sell here.

In Ireland, people’s taste is changing.

As I said before, we’ve tried to build up a market for our wines rather than adapt ourselves in the already existing market.

– So, outside there are two flags.

One is the Italian flag, easily recognizable.

And the other one? The Sardinian flag, the Four Moors The Italian flag is there because of him, the Sardinian one for me.

– Actually there's a Torino FC scarf there- OK, I hadn't noticed – But outside we have the Sardinian one -What if a customer comes in wearing a Juventus jersey? – Well, we'll treat him the same, but.

– But we won't offer Sambuca at the end! The word I like the most, when it comes to describing wine, is not an enological term.

It's Eleganza.

What is the elegance of a wine? Well, If you have a spare hour, we can open a couple of bottles and talk about it! Elegance is when all the components of a wine, such as acidity or tannin are in perfect harmony.

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