Italian Chef Tries Japan’s 7-11 Food for the First Time

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I would like to more sticky.

I'm alive.

So sticky.

Understand? But I know, because he's mean.

So, he is spiteful.


Satoshi is mean.


Welcome to TabiEats.

It is Shinichi and Satoshi.

Today, we have invited a special guest.

It came from Sydney.

Vincenzo is over-san! today! How are you? I am Vincenzo over.

Thank you in the correct pronunciation.

We're doing a channel that Vincenzo over's plate.

Today came to Tokyo, nice friends, This together with the TabiEats! Today we eat Japanese food! Seven-Eleven is from! Vincenzo over's reaction is I'm very excited.

What do you think of today's food.

I have written a link of his channel in the description field.

You should also click the (i) of the above.

Please visit us after this video.

This is the appetizer of today.

This is, garlic shrimp.

We entered into this package.

After warming in the microwave, it opens.

Also me microwaved at the shop.

So, it is also eaten in the hotel room.

Eaten this remains all.

All of them? It says that "We will.

" Japanese say so before eating.

I'm sorry, Japanese people.

We also try to eat.

I do not that this is eaten.

delicious! I'm glad willing to me.

I'm born and raised in the fishing town.

Fish'm very important.

I think Grandma, not think even be put in such a bag.

This is a plum wine.

A thing of the company called cholla.

Very well-known company in the plum wine.

Sweet I wonder if? I sweet.

It has taste.

I feel that refreshing is.

Was good.

Me like it.

May be drinking this remains, even in the lock, It is also delicious divided by water.

I wonder if strong your Sakena? How would much.

Not too strong.

That's 14 percent.

That's about ordinary wine.

It fit with the shrimp.

It looks like being a party in the mouth It is I'm good.

Welcome at any time.

The following is a food called "soup".

Thing Yamagata of my hometown.

Cucumber and eggplant, large leaf, is what was met with, such as soy sauce, such as putting the kelp.

That's very unique food.

It is refreshing, Eat well in the summer.

I wonder if applied to the rice a lot.

Delicious even tofu.

Little notice.

I look up to the end of today.

There is a bonus video.

I have thought that I want to eat natto.

Japan also of fruits of the season.

Until the end look.

And, also it came to Vincenzo over's plate.

I because there is also a video with them.


I thing we're now going to eat ramen.

Oh, Yeah.

Our favorite in Tokyo.

The taste of tofu, me pulling up to the next dimension.

Because tofu is a very mild taste, Combine to dazzling and soup, I wonder if it may be mixed? I also let a little to eat.

I do not remember well the taste.

I taste of cucumber is very strong, And together with the taste of kelp, which brings out the taste of tofu.

Maybe good and drink a little more plum wine.

Oh yeah, I do not have enough to drink.

Warm the pasta.

I was looking forward to this.

Italians of the reaction! To illustrate, Nde chicken is in the pasta, It'll impossible.

It explained it is difficult, we are not.

It does not do anything to put the chicken to pasta.

But, in the world, the Tteyuu chicken and pasta seems popular.

In Italy, chicken, just eat in the main.

It's "rules".

I because some people want to break the rules.

But, some people want to continue to protect.

I never ate pasta with chopsticks.

This mushroom That's delicious.

I think that pasta are well boiled.

I think so.

What reaction do, very pounding.

Because it is a real Italian chef.

pasta·· It earthquake! Be careful! It earthquake While in Japan! Earthquake earthquake! I was talking with a friend.

I try to do if an earthquake were to hit.

This is okay? All right.

This is not large.

Okay okay.

We drink wine.

Chicken and pasta I thought it was the place to be at the end of the meal.

This pasta is delicious.

Especially chicken seasoning of this Japanese-style is.

Finally, my favorite thing.

It dessert.

This is bracken rice cake.

A lot of people, but it is like.

This tiramisu bracken rice cake.

Wow! Even tiramisu bracken rice cake.

I think the Japanese! Let's eat or what.

Cocoa flavored.

I of course.

Reminiscent of tiramisu.

I completely different in appearance but.

I think I surprised to texture.

But the texture of Japanese sweets.

Not'm Jerry, Yeah, not a jelly.

what's this? This is, it made from the roots.

It roots of wild plants.

Good to eat a little more? It contains whipped cream, I wonder if that contains the coffee and chocolate.

it's amazing.

Eating should be! Great.

Tiramisu, but I think that is under cocoa on top, But 80% of it's Japanese.

There is another special dessert.

Thank you thank you.

They're also very special.

To know all that food.

And, it is beautiful.

We are also very happy to meet Vincenzo over and.

From we are beginning to YouTube, YouTuber So initially met.

I from the time that hundreds of people are still subscribers.

By the time of just getting started, I think that really was good to meet the people he like a.

When I was a beginning's a very lonely, Yes Yes.

Maybe, I wonder if become about two more years? Acquainted with.

And finally, we met! Nante you're here, I do not believe it.

This is called Mont Blanc.

That's the sense of white mountain in French.

It contains the chestnuts of Italian production.

is that so.

Sweets of French thing that contains the Italian chestnut.

Japanese I love this dessert.

Wow Do, this.

Smooth Nante.

It is very moist.

Very a moist, it disappears as soon as placed in the mouth.

That I noticed from the start of this convenience store series, That it has all the delicious desserts.

Seven-Eleven, nor other convenience stores.

It was good to know it.

If you come to Japan, I take care so as not to drink too much in the morning.

I because they sell liquor at the Seven-Eleven.

Useless When you are invited.

In Japan, it is sold in vending machines.

I saw were selling whiskey.

So, and beer.

Be careful! What you can look forward to everyone you.

Vincenzo over san, thank you very much.

In our house, Nante you are.

Nante are with you, et al.

, Close to crying.

I, have seen their videos every day.

The day begins with their videos.

I think that for like a good when you're not just once.

Thank you! Everyone, please by all means let your impressions.

I visited certainly Vincenzo over's plate.

It is because in his channel, I make very wonderful, authentic Italian cuisine.

Believe me, I go and see.

Now, go to the delicious ramen shop, I from taking a video together.

The video I go and see because exits at his channel.

And I subscribed to your channel.

It was to look at our video to fun.

Today's Seven-Eleven Food, very enjoyed people, I think ramen the absolute love with.

You're absolutely right.

We come to see everyone.

Thank you for seeing.

If you want to see the bonus scene that Italians eat natto, I this remains.

I eat for the first time.

People that this may be the, I enjoy the other videos and his videos by clicking on the above (i).

next time, It bonus video from here.


I have eaten Binchenzo over's.

I'm never eating.

This is not my idea of.

I was not going to normally available.

So, it made delicious.

But in the Satoshi says, What of seasoning also want to eat First without the addition.

Huh mean.

First, it is only one grain? I because beans, Tadano.

Sticky and beans.

What is this! ! It looks like sugar candy.

I a little scary, something disgusting.

Smell it tight.

Not scary.

Not scary? So I not badly.

not bad.

Another, another.


It 's not so much strong flavor.

Healthy diet Is that so? I very.

Too little much.

This would be fun.

I like going Toka children.

It's this sticky is good for your health.

Wait wait wait, Imaaji was found.

From breakfast to eat this? This've got to start with? It Now.

The truth to this.

Stir out strongly sticky and, I component of the living taste.

So sticky.

So I he was saying nasty.

Totally mean.

I agree.

Satoshi is mean.

It opens a pack of this seasoning.

It may be put mustard? I wonder if erase the smell? Yes Yes.

Rice also please.

Usually white rice.

This is cooked rice.

I made yesterday.

I usually eat white rice.

After that, you put the green onion.

It does not today.

So heaping? ? ? Rice is a little bit! Before and not much! I want ready-to-eat ramen.

I want to erase this taste.

I'm leaving in the mouth.

It's not a good taste.

Maybe, I think this it is a little better.

Eat really? Probably easy to eat a little.

As nuts.

It was delicious.

I'm sorry, Satoshi.

This is delicious.

Natto is OK for breakfast.

I this.

Yoinochi sake? Too much work, This've got some from the previous corresponding to Japan.

This is sake.

Drink this every day, And, we're going to improve the physical condition.

That contains a lot of spices and herbs.

It has the same kind of thing in Italy.

I forgot one name that I say.


I because the camera is still around.

Get drunk and come to Japan.

How is fruit of the Japanese season? This is Fuji apples.

Fuji Fuji? How much Let sweet or eat.

Here is persimmon.

I'm certain that you have to eat.

I because completely different to Japan.

Middling The persimmon is delicious.

If there is a persimmon also in Italy, it's soft.

Very soft.

Peel off by hand.

I did not like.

It is eaten every day you were this.

I do not like to very soft.

I think this is a good thing.

It was good with the more sweet.

You should choose another's.

Apples also persimmon also, was a little not good enough.

I'm sorry! I wanted to eat delicious one.

That's honest.

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