Italian Actors and Directors Reveal Favorite Foods at Italian Cinema Style 2016

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Roman food.

"cacio e pepe" is spaghettiwith pecorino cheese but not just "cheese".

pecorino romano cheese! and just pepper and water the water where you've cooked pasta STOP Really? but I want to taste it, I want to taste it if it's real cacio e pepe because if you give me cacio e pepe with butter I give you back Ossobuco with Milanese-style risotto – ossobuco with Milanese-style risotto here you can find a great one at Officine Brera Spaghetti "aglio e olio" [garlic and oil] I add tomatoes and a bit of anchovy The fastest thing I do is linguine with a lemon sauce olive oil, garlic, basil, I add the juice of the lemon and I sauté the pasta in the.

padella [pan].

How doyou say padella? – Padella, that's how we say it, we say "padella" too it's easy, three things: lemon, basil, garlic, olive oil spaghetti with lemon.

linguine with lemon! not spaghetti The one that is mine, and only mine, is "pasta with peas" that my grandmother used to prepare – "pasta e piselli" Exactly, "pasta e piselli" she would make it in a way that even though the ingredients are just four they are not that many, four – Which are they? Well, pancetta, onion, peas, water, pasta that's it but the way she made it.

– Fantastic Yeah, nobody could do that again!.

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