Irish People Try Pennsylvania Dutch Food

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-Pennsylvania Dutch foods.

I know Pennsylvania is a state in America.

And I'm guessing Pennsylvania Dutch is old Dutch people who immigrated to America back in the day, and they live there now.

*fast accordion music* -Now, upon first glance, this looks like a tasty Sunday lunch treat.


-Ah, this is just so healthy, like (laughs) -See, see this is the thing.

We ask for a normal thing and, now, it smells all normal, smells all good.

So, what the f**k is this? -It's a clear, leaky, onion-y -Scallions.

-Brothy-broth? -You've got chicken, eh, spring onions I believe.

Um, carrots.

-It's all right, like, it's normal.

It's lovely.

It's nice and wholesome! -So, there's nothing weird about this?-There's nothing malicious in this! -Good! 'Cause I'm really enjoying it.

It's beautiful! -I think that's, like, pretty nice.

It's really comfort food-like.

-Absolutely! That's unreal!-Can you stop talking to us for a minute, -while we finish this? Is that okay? -My mam's gonna be tho proud of me eating my vegeshables.

-Eat your carrots.

Finish your carrots, now.

*accordion music* -Ehh, smells like pickles! -So, we've got black beans- er kidney beans, I mean.

-Kidney beans.

-Beans, carrots.

-Why the hell? (cries) Don't want to be healthy, man! (coughs) Holy shit!-Yeah! -Kinda gets ya, doesn't it? -Yeah, this is like pickled onion -slosh.

(laughs) -There's an exciting amount of textures going on.

In one mouthful.

-Uh, yeah.

Aye, listen.

-I'd have that (cough).

-It tastes like if they made a packet of crisps out of vegetables.

-I like Meanies.

-Yeah!-They're pickled crisps.

-They're nice.

Not when it's vegetables, fam.

*accordion music* -Ummmmmmmmmmmhhh -Not nice.

-That doesn't look good.

-It's ham, and chicken, with mashed potato soup.

-It looks like it's already been eaten and vomited back out.

-It's like I'm eating bread, that fell into, like, dessert or something by accident.

-Good ham! -Ham is nice.

The glop, again, is a bit questionable.

-I kinda like the appley-ness of it though.

-Ham and apple dumplings.

-Ham and apple dumplings.

I'm all about it.

-All the food so far is wet and mushy, and like really heavy.

-I don't like it.

I love it, love it, love it~ -This could actually be, a Facts.

video where they're not throwing us any curve balls.

*accordion music* -Firm.

-Is it firm, is it?-Got a firm, pastry base.

-Ah, not without a bit of jelliness.

-Could it be caramel, and biscuit? -Erm.

It's a Facts.

video, so no.

-AH YEAH! Look at this bit! I love this bit! Yeah~ -Tastes a bit like Christmas cake.

No, brack.

-I enjoy it.

I enjoy that kinda dark, curious texture.

[Both] Shoofly pie.

-Shoofly pie.

'Cause soufflé.

-Why?-Cause a fly would fly around a piece of shit.

But it would not even go near this thing! -It's nice! It's just really sweet.

There's actually no distinctive flavour from it.

-Awww T_T But also, yay~ (laughs) *accordion music* -I will, I will literally bet my life, that this has been inside the ballsack of an animal.

-I'm getting pemican flashbacks! -It's called what now? Scrapple? -Scrapple? -Don't know how I feel about that.

-I can't put a distinct, like, flavour on it though.

This tastes like general meat.

-Internal organs? -How did you know- no one wants.

-So it's the pork version of haggis.

-We were waiting for the Dutch bit to come in, and I think this is it.

I think this is the weed brownie.

-This is what we just ate.

(clears throat) No sweets.

No chocolate.

No crisps.

No, nothing nice.

We ate the f**king heart of a pig.


made us kill that pig.

-These hands.

-Yeah, yeah.

And, like, they found that.

That's the only reason we did this shoot is because they found a pig, wandering through the back of a Facts.


(electric guitar and drum music) -I'll be honest! I was hoping for more weird shit.


-And, uh, what we got was just good wholesome, you know -I don't know if I would say I was hoping for it.

I was prepared for it.

Because, Facts.

has done that to me.

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