Irish People Try Greek Food

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What sickening delights do you have for us today Facts.

I know its been said in a lot of Facts.

videos that food looks like shit but this genuinely looks like shit.

you telling me this isn't sausages? oh shit its not sausages.

We have our rice and we have the leaves.

and just like, lovely seasoning.

Lemony butter.


Who ever smells lemon needs to go to the hospital.

That means you're having a stroke.


Oh really? Mmm It's really fresh.

It's so good.

Oh yeah Greece! Go Greece.

Oh my boys.

Well done Greece, well done.

It is quite greasy as well.

(Laughing) Because, you see, it's from Greece.

This looks like shepherd's pie.

Is this shepherd's pie? What is in there? That's what I hate about these.

I don't know what.

I'm gonna dissect it first.

Oh, Moussaka! I've heard of this.

I've never had it though.

Mmm Mmm.

There's mashed potatoes Oh, I've heard of that.



in the Lion King.

No, thats Mufasa.


It's kinda confusing me cause it doesn't look like lasagna but it tastes exactly like it This is beautiful.

It's much nicer than Irish shepherd's pie.


Do you think so? Uh, sure? This is like naan bread.

That's chicken.

What is this? I don't even know what this is.

It's tzatziki on a pita bread and it's gorgeous.

Oh, I see.

(Singing) It's a chicken and it's cooked and we're gonna eat it.

(Singing) I feel like chicken tonight! Chicken tonight! Chicken tonight! Chicken tonight! Hmm.



Oh, cucumber! That's the freshy.

Oh! If the the term "the best of the bad bunch" was ever evident and relevant this is now.

I really don't want you to take this one away.

It's seasoned definitely with something This is good shit.


These are the first one that seems like its from Greece.

This is Baklava is it? (Ah, yes.

) You don't even know, it's so delicious.

I don't know! Tell me.

What is it? If I think this is what I think it is then this is like orgasmic territory It's like phyllo pastry with some sort of filling? I've wanna say something like a nut filling? Balaclava's? No, tsk.

That's an Irish dessert.

(Laughing) Base is good.

I like the top of it.

It's really nice.

It's like a danish.

Try it.

Ooh The crust is flakey.

Get some Clearasil, cause girl you're flakey.

If you could smell this.

It smells like a mixture of fish, BO (body odour), and cheese What fish are you? Squid? No, not squid.

Oh! There's little suckers on that one.

It's fucking octopus! (Gagging) Oh, it's so octopus now.

Yeah, now you can see it.

Look at the tentacles! You know, actually I love Squidward, I love Zoidberg from Futurama I'd never think I'd eat them.

Look at that little.

You are so cheeky.

You are such a little octopus! Sorry that you're dead but I couldn't help it.

I didn't like it at all.

Yeah it's grand! It's uh, it's uh.


Ooh there's kinda a creepy one here.

Oh yes.

It's really soft.

You'd expect it to be kinda chewy like a squid.

We've come to the conclusion that we have very different tastes in food What? I liked all the stuff.

You liked it too right? I just didn't like the last one.

I would never, ever eat Greek food again.

(Laughing) Apart from the chicken and the naan bread (Singing) We like to eat with Darren cause Darren is our mate and when we eat Greek food with Darren he gets it down in eight.

One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight.

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