Irish People Taste Test Turkish Food

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– We are here for Turkish food.

– Leziz- The Irish are trying to Turkish Food Leaves Stuffed Rice, greens and grape leaves stuffed with spices Sponge Bob as if someone had made with real live.

The bottom of the leaf.

We had to eat fiber plants, not the leaves! Oh, very nice! I loved it a lot.


Soğuk! It smells like artichokes.

Rice is really good, very buttery.


Ta I did not have a taste.


it was fine.

The flavors complement each other.

Ugh really you can taste.

Oh, what a beautiful day today.

On a nice day, I can feel my stomach.

– I thought maybe it is not so strange.

– Yes.

I'm trying to just study.

I really liked it.


I love juicy stuff.

It tastes like fall.

Behold the leaves fall off and fall from your mouth.

Doner kebab wrapped in lavash bread, lamb and vegetables Um.


I love the things wrapped up in something! – It smells wonderful.

– Smells like 3 o'clock on a Saturday night was.

It will be distributed around a lot.

The taste of happiness.

Can we finish? – Kebab undressed.

– Yes! The important thing is he.

– I think the only problem here.

Where's the sauce? What do you get the taste? Well.

Meat! I hate most of those here; tomato, mayonnaise.

But when they are together.

Eating can be very messy.

After my food anyway.

This is very.

As he said.


Over there.

What is that? Do you know why I hate? from eating kebabs? Yeah! I carry a card on me, my wallet, if I die, that he get a great meal for someone else.

I'll donor card! Moussaka, eggplant, tomatoes, peppers, onions, garlic This thing.

One of the others threw it back to eat this dish? Very strange.

such as liquefied meat.

We eat glue.

much worse than the taste sensation in the mouth.

A glutinous taste.

Oh, my God, does not look good.

Taste exactly like I did not know how, but tasty.


Especially not something I want to leave but I'm not eating anything.

– Very soft.

But you like that, huh? – So this is a little yes.

Is this moussaka ?! – There is no taste! – Absolutely! no taste! Presentation to be worked on.

That is all.

– Gordon Ramsay would never praised it.

– Never.

Are you, George.

* Gordon Ramsay is doing * Now take that mimic the traditional Turkish restaurants that we turn to pixie place, this will be the most popular place for all of Texas.

cooked minced lamb meatballs on skewers with vegetables Rasterized formats It's a dick! cause there's a hole in the flesh? Why is this? This meat is more beautiful than the other.

– Of course, lamb.

What else could it be? – Penis.

– Not for me.

– Yes, there is a very striking as well.

Great meat! A massive meat! I want to get some red cabbage.

But what if we had said.


Do you want to try? I'm doing mine there.

A thing you do.


I should wash my hands before doing this.

Meatball! Better! This is a kebab slide.

You are welcome.

Oh yeah! I'm going to do after the shooting that do this.

It is going to fall.

Baklava sweet pastry filled with dry tamarisks Look at this! Flowing from the Council.

I do not know what it looks like.

Smells nice.

What is happening? The fig is it? It looked like something very salty, but it's so cute.

– That's pretty good! – Yeah! I think I need a cup of tea next to it.


Can you make some tea? Direct hastasl of sugar must be.

Oh yes.

We became even.

It was exquisite.

This is very good.

Is it sugar and nuts? Only sugar.

Peanut? I do not even speak.

Nut Crunch cereal.

– Okay.


exactly like him.

– Soft.


Giving them all! This much how many animals had to die to make something sweet? Because it was incredible! A bird drowned like one of those things you have to cook in a dig.

This is either eel or grape leaves.

Probably leaves.

Uyarpak me.

Ab to.

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