Irish People Taste Test Mexican Tequila

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Diane, thanks for coming in.

Drink? *pop of cork* *laughs* This is my dog, I just bring him everywhere.

That's your dog? Oh, I thought he was just here.

Wouldn't volunteerly go, "Let's just go out for a few some shots of tequila" Yeah.

You know the tequila sweats, where you just have to not move? Tequila tastes like seventeen year-olds, going drinking for the first time.

Tequila! That looks pleasant! This just looks like my urine! That's real nice.

Isn't it? It's lovely! You wanna smell in there as well? What do you think? Is this fancy tequila? Like, if we hate it are we like.

Peasants? Where do we stand on dogs with tequila? Is that allowed? Frowned upon.

What's the correct measure? There ya are.

What are ya doin'?! Sláinte! Ahh! Oh god! Uhhh.

That is very strong.

Jesus Christ! Is that strong! I feel like I'm getting a headache already.

It tastes a lot nice than shots you'd get at Coppers at five in the morning.

*gargles* Oh! You're so gross! It tastes beautiful! Like a beautiful paint stripper.

See? This is what love feels like.

It's the closest I have to compare it to, anyway.

The only thing that would make me want to drink that is peer pressure.

Noooo! You're a bad man! You could have six pints of Guinness and then ten shots of that.

you'd be.

getting sick into your socks for the evening.

*laughs* That's clear! Oh! You know it's hard if it's clear! It looks elegant, like a glass swan.

And then.

Over here you have (with Mexican accent) "In honor of el hombre" Is that racist? Feels racist.

I know it's gonna hurt but right now, it looks appealing.

With a hint of smoky bacon A little bit less for me, that would be great.


That's more than I gave you! Maybe I'm trying to get ya drunk?! Ohh! Shots, shots.

Shot, shot, shot, shot.

*clink* Ahhh! Oh mama! *coughs* *motor boat noises* It tastes more "money".

Tastes more "money"? Your hands are shaking.

Are you OK? Mmmmight have to vomit after this video.


Like, how much of this would you have to drink to die? It tastes like, "now we're going to do some really bad things" Yeah We should pretend we're in a Novella for the rest of the video.

No! Jorge! You have a problem! Put the glass down! There's a horse on this one! There is.

There's a little horsie there.

Oh no! No? *laughs* I think it smells like house cleaner This is just a.

This is a down and one-er OK, whoa! Come on! Jesus! One, two three.

Ohhhh! *coughs* *gags* It's gone into the crying part of the video.


I'm gonna to need to go dancing somewhere before I go home.

Don't drink that one! I don't feel sick but.

It's right there! My mouth tastes like blood! I like the way tequila makes you.

*clinks* Honest? Shots, shots, shots, shots, shots.

Really? I know, what do ya.

Where do ye rank the.

How many have we had? Oooohhhh! This looks real fancy.


Is this real fancy? *pops cork* Oh! It worked! I can't believe it worked! Screw it out and then.

*pop* See? *pop* *pop* *pop* I feel like a genie could come out and grant us three wishes.

That's the best bottle I've ever seen of anything.

*coughs* It doesn't really look like a shot there, Dermot! It looks like half a glass of tequila! That's not half.

I'm trying to maintain my manliness.

*high pitched cough/sneeze* Tequila! No! No.

I take it back! That was bollocks! Ohhh! That is smooth! This is gross.

You can't begrudge tequila for tasting like tequila.

It tastes like.


It tastes like a good cigar.

I thought you were gonna say, "It tastes like old people"! This video hasn't enlightened me in any way.

I was hammered after the second one! I've got, like a little.

Kind of tinge in the tummy.

and I got, like you know, the hot legs.

But now I need to go clubbing and it's like, three in the afternoon on a Thursday.

That's the best time to go! Thanks, Mexico! Your drinks are lovely and we appreciate them.

*laughs* It tasted yellow, and hot Like mustard! Like a really good mustard.

Except, nothing like mustard.

OK, here's the thing.

It doesn't taste anything like mustard.

but if you were describing it.

you'd describe mustard.

You wouldn't use the word "mustard".

You wouldn't *use* the word "mustard"!.

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