Irish People Taste Test Chinese Snacks

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– [George] Remember Pogs?- [Robbie] That's bollocks.

They're back, in meat form! – [Harker] Er, they have really weird commercials, so I'm going to assume they have really weird snacks, as well.

– [Ashling] Chinese people won't be able to watch this! – [Dónal] Oh yeah! Shit! – [O.


] Yeah.

– [Ashling] *laughs*- [Dónal] That's so sad.

What's the f***ing point? – [O.


] *laughs* – [Dónal] "White Rabbit".

– [Ashling] Oh, that looks cool.

– [Dónal] That actually looks really nice.

– [George] That's.


– [Robbie] It always looks nice, and then you eat it and then your life is ruined.

– [Dónal] *strains* Ohhhh! – [Harker] No taste whatsoever.

– [Robbie] I feel like I'm chewing a piece of carrot.

– [Dónal] It's like milk toffee.

– [Ashling] It's plastic.

– [Ryan] It's never a good sign when you can't tell if it's plastic or food.

– [Ashling] *unintelligible*.


– [Dónal] It's exactly what is says on the tin.

It tastes like a white, creamy rabbit.

– [Harker] It's like chewing gum, without the mint.

I'm not sure if I'm meant to swallow it.

– [Dónal] It kind of sounds like a drug.

"You takin' a few 'White Rabbits' tonight, are ya?"- [Ashling] *laughs* Yeah! – [Robbie] Wow, China.

What can't you do? – [George] *laughs* Well.

Just stop their human rights violations.

*laughter* – [George] "Preserved fruit of haw"? – [Ryan] If it is a fruit, why did they think it would be a good idea to tube it? – [Ashling] They way she is, it kind of reminds me of protein food or something.

Like, "Yeah! Get strong!" – [Robbie] It looks like something they give ya in space.

– [Dónal] *strains* We'll just edit this so it looks like I opened it.

*strains* Ha! I did it! – [Ryan] Oh my god, this is rank! – [George] I just had a baby girl! Everybody! Come on! Take one, take one! – [Dónal] I really don't want to eat this.

– [George] Oh, Jesus.

– [Robbie] What's that? What is this?! – [Ryan] I'm already sticky and it's in the packaging! – [George] The texture of this is not good.

– [Dónal] It's like eating a rolled-up raisin.

– [Harker] Oh, it's really good! – [Robbie] It tastes like flowers.

– [Ryan] That's in the top ten worst things I've had on "Facts.

" – [Dónal] It tastes like those Fruit Roll-Ups but the fruit is made out of crap.

– [Robbie] You could slap somebody in the face with this thing.

– [Dónal] Kind of feels like you're eating stationery.

– [George] What do you know, China, that we don't? What's this secret fruit you're keeping to yourselves? – [Harker] It's iced tea! I love iced tea! – [George] Are we still doing the Facts video or is this like our break for the first time? – [Robbie] Yeah! *laughs*- [George] Do we get, like, a legally.

Like, "here's your juice box, boys.

" "Thank you!" – [Dónal] It's, uh, very old timey.

Like, "lets all go to the lobby and get a juice".

– [Harker] That says "irreplaceable taste" on the top! – [Dónal] That's the same slogan crack has! – [Harker] Er.

– [Ryan] It looks good, though.

The packaging looks good.

– [Dónal] Can I pop it in? – [O.


] Yeah, go ahead!- [Dónal] *laughs* – [Harker] Wait, you can never get it in the hole, first time? – [Ryan] No.

– [Harker] Aww.

– [Ryan] I got it in the wrong hole the first time in, lost my virginity – got it in her f***king sister! – [Ashling] Oh, that's really nice! – [Dónal] Mmm, I like it.

– [Harker] That is beautiful.

– [Ryan] Yeah, this is great.

– [Robbie] Do like a beer can, you slice and like.

– [George] Pop it on the side and just.

– [Robbie] Yeah.

– [Ryan] That seems really threatening: "Please consume immediately after opening".

– [Harker] Mm.

– [O.


] *laughs*- [Harker] Or else![Ryan] *slurps* – [Ashling] "Irreplaceable taste".

That's true! – [Dónal] Yeah, I can never drink anything ever again.

– [Dónal] Hell-o-o-o! – [Harker] Ooh, I don't like the look of that.

– [George] China's got a weird thing where, like, their – their mascots are, like, a woman fighting – and, like, a middle-aged man having a nervous breakdown.

– [Ashling] Aww!- [Dónal] Is it meat cake? Is it pudding? – [Ryan] You alright there? – [Harker] I don't want it! – [George] Wha-a-at!? *laughs* – [Dónal] *unintelligible*- [Ashling] Oh! This looks like cat food! – [George] Dry? Wet! – [Harker] It's like a moldy condom!- Ryan] This.


– [George] Ten seconds ago — [Robbie] Look! you were drinking that lemon tea, going "this is the best day of my life".

and this has ruined it! – [Ashling] Do we have to eat this? – [Harker] Oh my god! – [Ashling] You lads can't even read Chinese! This could be cat food! – [Ryan] I'd rather eat a condom! – [George] Come on, man – – [Robbie] Ah, George, you've really.

– [George] Have you never opened a condom in the late, middle of the night- – [Robbie] Who uses condoms? *laughs*- [George] Your hand in your mouth, going.

– [Ryan] It does taste like the rubber of a condom! – [George] It really smells like glue!- [Robbie] *unintelligible* That one smells like glue.

– [Harker] Wait, why have you tasted the rubber of a condom!? – [George] You started off well, and then we went through a horrible, horrible journey – and we're so glad to be back at White Rabbit again.

– [Ryan] Lemon tea was alright, but the rest, just a disaster.

– [Ashling] That last one.

I'm going to need therapy for the rest of my life.

– [George] Hey! Where did you get your amazing "Facts.

" t-shirt? – [Robbie] Well, man, would you believe I actually went onto the "Facts.

" website and bought one? – [George] Oh! I should do that! Woah, I guess I did! – [O.


] *laughs*.