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shrink outnumber so I had put somethinggreen on I was trying to do my nails he agreed at work now it is Saint Patrick's Day coming up soon benine decided why not do you and Irish Katie health check out my beer today I'mgonna start with this guy that way I never thought about this andother videos that way I can enjoy my drink throughout the entire you know done W guys are notonly from like your comments talk to me did youguys see my clerk okay there sold back to my drink so we've seen these everywhere so this is just hours year and he'slearning how in celebration Saint Patrick's Day aswell are spirit I have my green he hadn't really a and I have never tried this on the year before so I really exciting Idon't know that the dark beer Mike paleo a on the comp hill with I'm not an expert on me I'm hearingit is happy lol he's grown already okha out my mindtoday said kiss me I'm Irish how cute is that frozen and put it in the freezer equalsfreedom you if that'll so let's put this guide I think it could be interred good thingyour girl work here you guys Mike fear guilt i'm like your mind I have a drink are younever be able to see it I have my me here awesome where mean dark eyes look me get this your hud yes co-anchor kid and his kid I'm gonna crippled media have a friend feel hmm I'll it kinda is is multi like that hmm I will be incorporated I'm me like I'm gonna get this guy or really herders he's also the guy who had onbecause he worked me a look well I'm there were be hard where the teaser Jan Melo's you know what it looks like if get atthe bottom with marshmallow and then like a strawberry jam in the mail kindareminds me I'll makes a good case 39 remember thosecookies with the company old enough to have company so the Mexico taste test also havesomething similar to this so armen keteyian in this one is not goingto disappoint over again work up open it need in /url coated everywhere yeah wat down put it down here period I'm to him getit and her faction all how hugh each one is like will they look likethey're in this shape michael kors kisses make in findingtheir there is gently it looks like strawberryjam and then there's be kidney personallyold away you know I like it smells like heavenly coconut I don't smotherStromberg most Hills I don't know all the historyJan history and get gas and a strawberrybrother and his brother work from the country to theme no inside there's the GM the two littlemore snow mountain could live like extra know when you puta cookie %um milk I get like really much eitherreally asshole could be like that like itbetter noise so waz that's where mad world really isoperating under already I'm gonna give these guys a real through smokers lar eat anything four-time while you're here people heart refilled not letting this will greatly today on user coconut pair were I remember key he's also wearing his hatI told everybody to come dressed for the occasion you can always count on me bill hurrythe user also didn't get I have a biscuit today couldnot find anything okay these have marginal oh my god theyare Mike time you have marginal meant to be Italia I like a little families old Paul out okay there's and thank you foryour boasting overlooks have like sugar on the outside like they did like themarshmallow around getting doesn't happen sugar heard not be cool well gay groom mom you these hooky my reason misnomer home either gonna be me but they're not Wheaton marking oninside shit wholeheartedly marginally offside notweek have weird taste I wonder might bereally jacklyn my case but into EU smell beers my job now his are not be the cookie itself is like notwe semi jacket will compete with marginal you be people did ongoing these guys whoyou really clubbers %um bone her body was on the peak less celebrate padding day I even have alittle happened I thought about was cuter which indeed it had about I shouldn'thave home this is also a biscuit look like he hasmarshmallow here in the US mines my god this looklike pine they'd better Mathis I'm gonna be cleared my very here and all did arlen together on ire I think tired arlen are iron many county okay really old what girl okay you're pulling up 30 visually learn like me et/pt let me know how you like not me rapidly done only said it's inspired live little girl tell me open I needed structure old home yeah pulled per committee chaired million pong love its ok you know you don't knowI'll let little military thing it'd identical two miles just majorsigning in delicious cookie just saw is crumbly the martian on time reallynight in the top lip in ninth annual chocolate because it isslippin I'm here it is so yummy delicious Alicia your world look pretty Irish bird not heard not like her show Irish version this guy company I'm gonna give this guy more freely krueger's berlet that met do a owner are you going to see my you cansee me think packing daytime their day you get into thespirit thing Patrick's Day to do wear green didcontinue burning let me know in the comments below marbleup a lot okay I'm I will see you guys next week foranother case do not forget ok room Verde Indian like what is wrong even mediocre comes up you have injordan Take my you would not get in the commentfield tell me what other traditional Arnprioror something look for them mine now Irish case thank you so much ofthe next week don't forget to subscribe by me.

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