Irène Grosjean : recettes végétales crues #2 / raw food recipes #2 [bande-annonce / trailer]

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Every human being in good healthis meant to be happy.

We decided to film during a raw food training.

Come everyone! We shall take a pictureand then we'll eat yes! To share with you the atmosphereand showcase the recipes live So, let's see the result of the experiment.

My family told me: « Please,Christophe, have your blood checked ».

And here are the pizzas.

My doctor then said : « Well.

I think I'll start to eat rawvegan food like you, actually.

" You lost over 50 kilos.

My new lifestyle with raw foodbrought me back my life, my health.

Let's sum up the ingredients.

For our raw-vegan-cheese, please ? So 500g of cashew nuts.

When we began vegetarian, they panicked.

And I understand that, it was an act of love.

You don't have to mention my age.

They gathered the whole family to find a way.

Chick peas, almonds, garlic cloves, and now we'll putlemon, sesame puree and cumino.

of taking our children from us!There.

Last part of the green juice.

for brunch this morning.

We feel extremely well in our body.

We shall hide behind our machines and bring them forwardto tell you what they do.

You can cure all diseases.

Let's go for 3 days of raw food live with Irène.

Enjoy! thank you Damien.


Very well !.