Introduction to Pastanini’s

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Ok Barbara, we have an amazing dish here.

Tell me all about what you have.

We have here a Tuna Salad.

Let's move it so people can see it.

Tuna with nice fresh ingredients.

We go every day to the local market to buynice ingredients and to select them ourselves.


We have here a green salad.

Very simple actually but nice.

Good food is simple and not overly complicated.

Tuna is the main ingredient with a nice salad,olives, some pinenuts, cherry tomatoes, red onion and then we can finish it with a niceolive oil, some dressing with vinegar and olive oil, some pepper, a little bit of saltand that is the combination of this meal.

It is a very very simple dish with fantasticingredients and it looks very fresh.

Very appetising.

Yes, because we make everything ourselves,every day it is fresh, you get these nice results! Barbara Steve we have your speciality, oneof your specialities for an Italian restaurant, Pizza, so tell me all about this amazing lookingpizza.

A lot of people think pizza is unhealthy product.

Of course, you do not eat a pizza every daybut if you want to eat a pizza once in a week then it is possible to eat it without feelingtoo bad.


Because it does not need to be a pizza likethis one.

This is quite big isn't it, this one.

This is a regular pizza.

How big is this one? 33cm approximately, it weighs, 200g, the ballof the pizza dough is around 200g, we make it with nice ingredients, but you can alsochoose to do it without the cheese to make it a bit healthier pizza.


We can also think about the size and takea smaller pizza so we decided to make another size of pizza.

Ok, so as we can see it is about what halfthe size? It is half the size, about 100g and with thispizza we left out the cheese also.

So, it is even healthier? Yes, it is even more healthy.

We put all the green ingredients that ourMother Earth has given us to be healthy and to be used in a pizza.

If we eat the pizza like this and you combineit with a very nice green salad, then I think you can leave this restaurant without havinga guilty feeling about what you have eaten.

So, this is your vegan pizza? Yes, this is our vegan pizza.

What are the ingredients of this pizza? This pizza contains some nice Zucchini, somemushrooms, cherry tomatoes, peppers from Italy, there are red and yellow one's and we puta little bit of Oregano on the top.

That's it.


Very simple and very tasty.

And again, it is popular is it? Yes, a lot more people are asking for a veganpizza.

So, of course we can make other combinationwith spinach, peppers, salads, people put salads on a pizza, no problem.

If you have a request, then we can make surethat you can get it.

And if people wanted more protein so thingslike meat or fish or eggs is that possible to add to it? Yes, we have fresh eggs, we can put an eggon it, we have tuna we can add onto it, we have carpaccio, which you can put on a pizza,and if you want to make a pizza healthy it is by leaving out the cheese which is a verygood step.

And a good direction.



Thank you.

Taste it!.

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