International Students trying Vietnamese Food

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Can I smell it? Wanna guess what it is? Uhmm, some kind of fish Fish? Meat! It's obviously meat! It won't kill you I know!! Is it vegerterian jerky? DOG!! Noooooo!! Noooo!! It's BuffaloEhhh!! Nicee! Buffalo?? One point for Thailand Buffalo meat?! SH##t!! Buffalo?? Oh my.

It's like.

York Can I have a plate so I can flip it? It's like a Japanese pudding.


It really smells like egg york.

Mix it up! It smells bad.

But it tastes like milk coffee Thai people often has raw eggs with coffee but.

SEPERATELY Where do you think the sweetness comes from? It doesn't taste sweet It does taste sweet to me It doesn't taste sweet to me Maybe you eat too much sweet so.

Cà phê trứng!.

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