INDONESIAN STREET FOOD! Mie Goreng and Sate Ayam

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Halo them! Now 7:00 PM, and we were hungry so we will try to buy food! We stopped at Indomaret Indomaret, it adalh one mart in Indonesia.

Many Peace Corps volunteer living in the world and in Indonesia They lived far outside the city but, since there was me and Rachel, we live in a small town.

It was cool, because it can be shopping in Indomaret etc.

and there are plenty of food vendors at night First to buy food this evening, it was satay Sate, it 'skewers' disposable meat We want satay chicken, the chicken meat.

Ok, have returned home and have a meal! If you want to down home food in Indonesia, You have to say 'wrapped' Sellers usually put food in wrappers like this the second meal, the fried noodles Chicken vegetable.



because we lived in Korea for a long time we still like disposable chopsticks menerut me, this is the best! So the fried noodles was 'fried noodles' Usually, there are vegetables, chicken, etc.

The satay The grilled chicken! This AWFUL! there is usually a peanut sauce! So the price is everything.


15,000, over 8,000.

so 23,000? no, 22,000! That's roughly $ 2.

00 yeah, it's all for the America and have plenty of food, enough for me and Rachel so it was nice of course, we were there just a little money, because our volunteers so it is more expensive for us but interesting thought about it I love Indonesian food!.

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