Indonesian Street Food: Eating Lumpia Semarang Spring Rolls

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So for today's meal we are in enjoying somestreet food in the city of Semarang.

And we're going to be having Lumpia Semarangor Semarang spring rolls which actually originated in the Chinese community.

So if you have a look down here we actuallythought we were ordering a plate full of them but we only got one so a little lost in translationbut I think this should be enough because it is a pretty big fat spring roll.


So we're going to dig right in to this.

It is huge.

Are you ready? Ready for the food.

And here is the sauce on the side.


Look at that.

So it should be good.

It smells good.

It smells deep-fried which is a good thing.


Okay Sam, so do you want to tell us the keyingredients in this special spring roll.

Yeah, so what you'll find inside are bambooshoots, dried shrimp and then you can have chicken or prawn so man these look good.


It is just a matter of attacking it here.


Don't mind my fingers.

Look at that.

Oh look at the detail in there.


That looks good.

Okay, I'm going to put this in the sauce andI have a feeling this sauce might be sweet.


Oh, wow.

Look at that.

That is a thick sauce.

Look at how thick that is.



What do you think? Those are delicious.


I love deep fried spring rolls so.

Yeah, I know you do.

And the bamboo shoot is really nice.

I'm still not sure if it is chicken or prawn.

I didn't get a bite of that so still waitingto figure that part out.


I think that calls for a second bite.

But yeah, the sauce is sweet.

I'll just take a little bit of that sauceand see what it is.


Oh man.

It almost looks like it has a gelatin likeconsistency.

Yeah, it does.

And surprisingly it doesn't have a very strongtaste.

I thought it would be really really sweetor strong and it is not.

So let's go in for bite number two.

Let's go for some of the ingredients thistime.

So it is my turn let's dig in over here.

I'm just going to use my hands.

This is going to be a little messy.


Wow, so we've got some heavy traffic happening.

Um, but anyways this sauce apparently thekey ingredients are coconut sugar and you have some chilies, some white pepper and theyuse tapioca starch to kind of give it that you know thick consistency.

So, that is some of the thickest sauce I'veever had.

It is definitely the thickest sauce I've everhad with a deep fried spring roll.

That is good.

This one has egg.


This one has egg.

I thought I tasted a bit of egg too.

This is really nice.

Good spring rolls.


It is not often that I get to eat bamboo shootso it is not something I am that familiar with but I like it.

It is good.

Surprisingly soft.

And now it is time for price point.

How much was that meal? So that basically came to one dollar and fiftycents for both of us to eat that so that was great value.

And it was so fun just like walking up tothis place on the street they were such friendly people.

They let us film the whole process and itwas delicious.

So highly recommend having this when you comehere.

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