Indonesian Food: Eating Gado-Gado and Selat Solo (Bistik Jawa)

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So it is dinnertime here in Solo, Indonesiaand we're trying a new restaurant that was highly recommended on TripAdvisor.

We're eating a place called Warung Selat MbakLies.

Hopefully I got that right.

It is a pretty long name.

We're really enjoying the restaurant so far.

It is very quirky and there is a lot goingon on the walls.

Like there is ceramics and plates and arts.

And we're sitting on these low to the groundtables.

There is all of these snacks on table whichI think you can purchase if you get hungry until your food gets here.

So yeah, we've placed our order.

We kind of had to guess what we're gettingbut is should be tasty regardless so we're waiting for that to arrive.


Gado Gado.


Selat Bastik.

Thank you.

So I am super impressed because our food showedup in record time.

Yeah, that was awesome.

I mean we're really hungry and the food wasat our table within minutes.

In like two minutes.

That was awesome.

So what are you having? So I'm starting off with Gado-Gado which isbasically a vegetable and compressed rice salad and it comes in a peanut sauce and althoughthis food isn't unique to this particular region of Indonesia, I mean it is one of thosefoods that you can find almost anywhere in Indonesia but we thought we'd show it to youanyways.

And it is a popular street snack as well.

You can try it in restaurants and on the street.

So I'm going for I'm trying to just get abite here with lots of peanut sauce, a bit of a cracker and some of the vegetables.

Let's see.


First bite.

Man, wow.

What makes this so good is the peanut sauce.

I know.

The peanut sauce is amazing.

It is like you get that strong peanut tastebut it is also really sweet as well.

Sam, loves peanut butter so I knew he wouldenjoy this.

This is better than peanut butter though.


Oh yeah.

Is it sweet? It is very sweet and then you have like thecontrast of the crunchiness of the cracker and then the basically the vegetables thatgo along with that.

So, man.

Why don't you take your spoon and swirl itaround and let's see what else is in there.

I see some beansprouts.

Yeah, there is beansprouts, it looks likethere is lettuce.

It looks like there is all kinds of thingsgoing on.

And I think that is an egg in the middle right? Is that a black egg? No, it is not an egg.


Let's break it in half.

Or is it meat? The mystery.

It is an egg! Oh it is! Oh my gosh.

It is an egg.



It is a very dark egg.

It has been cooked in soy sauce or somethingso.




One more bite here for quality control.

Quality control and then I'm digging in tomine.

Oh man, I love this.

Yeah, one of my favorite Indonesian dishesfor sure.


My food is here as well.

We ordered something called Selat Bistik Jawaor Selat Solo so if you take a look down here it is basically a braised beef tenderloinwith a watery gravy and it also comes with vegetables.

We have some green beans, some carrots, itlooks like some mashed potato here and there is like chips kind of sprinkled on top andwhat else.

Other vegetables.

Some onions.

So apparently this is like a twist on westernslash dutch food that has been like adopted here in Indonesia and just changed to theirtaste.

Yeah, it is like with Javanese ingredients.


So let's try this.

Dig right in.

You know what I'm going to start with thisegg.


This dark egg.

I've never had such a dark egg before.

And apparently the soy sauce is quite sweet.


Is it sweet? Mmmhmmm.

That is a sweet gravy.


I mean it is quite watery.

It is almost like you're having a soup.

It is like a main dish but kind of looks likea soup.

So yeah.

Let's get a bit more.

Some mashed potatoes, some chips and maybesome beef.


That is interesting.


Okay so time for price point.

Yeah, so we're stuffed.

And that came to again under five US dollars.

So really good value, we ate a lot and nowwe're ready to go back home.

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