INDONESIAN FERRY RIDE ⛴ | Lampung to Jakarta

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Good morning guys, now an afternoon in Lampung.

We are ready to go, the seminar is over.

And I forgot to show you the place where the event was in this building.

And some people here who are also ready to go home.

There is Many people are ready to return, we will follow that car.

Because we to Jakarta this evening and And we will stay at home Alip, we hope to be up there at 2 am because, That much, we had to ride very again and so on.

Let's get to the car and the road Good guys, we got in very.

It's much bigger than the previous one.

And more medern.

Hi Jules.


This is almost the same when we are together with Landung.

Yes this is much bigger.


Above there is a place of entertainment possible.

WC, the door is always open.

Seth are you doing? Well let's see.

This is it.

Oh yes it out onto the floor.


There's bad.

Let's look over here.

All were gathered.

Waiting to go somewhere.

Alip where? Maybe he was seeing things.

There is a snack and coffee.

Want to walk around the ship with me Seth? We'll walk around.

Let's see what we can find.

We'll see what we can get to the front.

It remains the most good camera in a dark situation.

This is no place to relax.


Why, thank you.

Okay Yes.


We want to go there.

Oh come out here.

There is a rope so on.

I remember we slept out here.

Yes, good yes.

Samaping ship in seaport.

And next to the port, we are ready to go.

Well, what shall we do? Standing here then tilted backwards and then forwards, daramatic changes.

Is it true? Yeah, weird.

Let me try.

So you say stand here, without banging my head yes.

Wow, yes! It was a big change.

Yes like vibration.

So he very day, not a lot of places.

There are two decks.

If we take a little no first class, they've got clothes for motorists.

There is air conditioning for economy class We could sit in the car or can sit on the deck.

But out here noisy.

very hard.

An exclusive space.

It costs one dollar to sit there.

Wow, it's hard.




We were in the car waiting to get to the island of Java.

And Jules, I think kids also sleep.

I just finished editing the video as the title and the like.

Should be aired tomorrow.

I think I will rest now and see you again maybe tonight Or maybe in the morning, good to see you again.

Both of you are now our home Alip.

Last night we got here at 1:30.

And we got off the boat we accomplished once and And enjoy the day here and we did not record anything for you guys but And today we are already making plans under For, perhaps tonight Hopefully tonight we're going to Recheese Factory? And try the spicy wings as some of you already suggested it.

We will try to do that tonight.

But I do not know but if it happens then it will be in the video tomorrow.

and video tomorrow will be about Recheese factory When we finished there And I hope so because I want to try it.

and Someone special Thought to try it.

What do you think? Like this video if you think Julie should try Recheese level 5 fire wings.

Jules What do you think? I guess it sounds crazy! How much should we be like that you try? How much like for this video? Only 100? it is not enough.

How many? 500? I do not know 100 possible.

150 All right, 200.

200 Like! Then you'll do it.

200 Like and Dislike 0! I hope you are watching this already see this, this video does not get out before we do that.

But please click like if you want to because it would be amazing.

And others will try it as possible.


And maybe Sarah as well.

You must give to create 1000 like I did not do it.

To make you did not.

You really want to try it.

You Seth a lot of support because she had eaten All 75 noodles with chili in it.

So now he feels great.

He could do it was great.

Now he's more powerful tongue to eat chili.

It has no meaning in English.

What do you say Mouth he started the usual to eat spicy food.

There he is.

You have a strong mouth Seth.

Both of you that's it for today and hopefully tomorrow we meet in Recheese factory We wish you a wonderful day and keep smiling.

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