Indonesian Carnival | Things to do in Indonesia

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Both of you, tonight we are in a place like carnival possible.

There is one very close to our house they are usually around the village.

Hey, good night.

Around the village and so on.

and we've never gone though.

and we all have not been to a night market like this.

So we thought to bring you just want to see what it's like.

There are many confectionery Seth only 10 000 Sarah.

On the other side there are various types of fried food.

you take the blue Seth? [Julie] how they can make without the crystal? I do not know, maybe they drop it in there.

We will see.

There are different kinds of fried.

Check the oil dark.

It's like, Oil is very brown all.

Home furnishings.

with 10 000 can be three items.

It's a cake.

Is it true? Yeah so you put something in, I guess this is plastic.


maybe not, I do not know.

but this is for steaming.

There are other foods that you can buy, gravy, fried.

Stick noodles, tofu, meatballs.

all that tasty.

An ice cream machine.

in the motor.

Hi Sar.

Ice cream machine at the back of the motor.

[Sarah] Wow, cool.

On the back of the motor.

There meatballs again.

in the sticks.

Meatballs skewer.

Jules who want to ride this This manual, they play it themselves.

You want to ride? [Julie] No, I get sick.

[Julie] I've felt dizzy just by watching them.

Only Sarah and Seth are going to ride it out.

Good guys, it's been stopped.

That's not just spin but no stunt too.

How is it Sarah? [Sarah] It's a long time.

Yes almost an hour possible.

What about the people? They were nice.

They are very nice, spinning like that.

Yes, thank you.

Tests guava.

Small train for children.


Fishing game.

That is good.

So the game here, looks like for children And also there is a lot of stuff they sell a lot of clothes, shoes and bags such.

They have a Pikachu.

Cool Pikachu.

What is this? Betta fish in a bottle of alcohol.


They do not bite Seth? [Seth] They bite.

Do gigitanya strong? [Seth] No, look at him to bite me.

Seth dai ye bite the fingers.

Accessories for mobile phones.

[Sarah] I like this.

This is a safety cable.

Oh yes, like this.

This is good.

[Sarah] Same with this.


No wiring in the headlights.

Here is burning satay.


And returned to the ice cream in the motor.

That's him all over the place here.

Sarah and Seth enjoy a game of it but a lot of time almost se hours.

For them up, spin and so forth.

So this is the night market in Indonesia.


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