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it looks like today for tasting indiaand we're going to start with something really cool that's these guys and they're like someWeiss balls right yes puffed sweet rice all the nine ballsin here maybe there's an indian version of arice krispie who with the rice krispie treat in a ball shape that how cool break those apparently theyhave a nice sweet smell to them mmm yeah is there a molasses in there maybe i don't know like it I like it sofar I get there very hard ready oh my god way too hard yeah sexy really hard really good the nice texture and it has a nicesweetness to it they're really really good so I'm goingto get these guys for a video yet cookie cookie these are strawberry creamtreat smooth really nice strawberries and you know how sometimes they use thatartificial strawberry snow this actually smells like freshstrawberries believe it or not you it's like a little soccer player in the frontand it looks like your break cookie with like strawberry filling inside very nice so the strawberry filling isreally nice it does taste like real strawberries the cookie itself it's like a shortbread cookie justreally really thin so i'm going to give this guy or video heads we have some indian letting howexciting Indian flavor and see how good theseladies are going to get there like Carly work that's strong smell like curry you look just like regular lays potatochips they're okay the the seasoning on it isnine is a little spicy but i was wanting it more to be like a curry likerepetitive motion does not taste like Yuri as well like buried in that tasteslike curry it's not bad but I don't know that Iwould finish this entire bag so I'm going to give these guys 3million heads drink you guys and get it again why do i torture myself if you guys aregoing to see look at this it's like a freaking science experimentand I'm freaking out I don't know if I can drink this it saysbasil seed drink with Rose so rose flavored water with basil seedsfloating inside that's my translation I don't know lookat that it's like a science experiment gonewrong and Vivienne should not be putting this in her body that's what I feel like it says chilland shake well before serving shake well you'd shake it ok they're still there it looks like I justdrink it get this shit over with because I'mgonna chicken out in a minute i keep thinking about it ok now has one ofthose really funny kind of caps on it you guys why do i do this okay to like a bouquetof room it's a nice mellow calm down breathe here we go let's try this ok it's not as slimy as I thought it wasgoing to be but why did I pour that much I'm going to bring over i'm going totake like a little quick little slurp that's it i'm trying to die today andI'm gonna die I'm gonna die it's basil smells like roses like whodrinks roses is it is that thing I think that's athing right get ready go you know but the pickup is whatever thenthere better not be like fuzzy or like gooey slimy better not Tom Allen camera it's really good maybe it's really good it's only doing only one doing ok I just felt all of the just sliding downmy throat the taste is not horrible ok it tasteslike rose water it's actually a nice case the departmentthat is freaking me out is the texture of the seeds on the outside of the seedit's grown like some kind of a jelly coding you guys have ever had like chiaseeds that's what this is like I just took alittle sip of it I could just feel like sexy is a plantand it's not horrible okay let me try one more time because iactually like the rosewater flavor that was decent if i can just filter out allthese like alien babies in there I drink it again ok ready go I can hearwhat the hill it's just not for me my poor the back inhere and feed it to my husband he gets well soon what I want who is that now fold no I'm gonna getthis guy to billion that's what we're going to end it on a sweet note so we have some cookies their heartshaped biscuits look a little is there baby biscuit nice they come with like a pro tools andit kind of looks like the texture of like a croissant well you're not sweet at all it actually tastes like a cracker morethan a cookie maybe I expected to be sweeter but ithave we like texture of like a puff pastry I think would be the best descriptionand has like sugar on top never really nicecrunchy like taste to them I'm gonna give these guys 3 billionheads alright guys that is it for another case test thank you so much for watching weekafter week I love you guys you guys are so good tome thank you for subscribing thank you for giving the video a thumbs up leaving your comments down below I'veread all of the comments believe a comment let me know what country youwant me to do next don't forget to share it with yourfriends I'll see you next week bye.

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