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today we have products from Indiareciting that I have are these crackers they're called biscuits and there's likethe cutest go on there she's so adorable I think they're justlike just cookies right this kid is a cookie is a biscuit let's open it up oh you look whoa that was broke oh I small young there it is that's what it looks likeanother sound strange with a kind of chewy you know butter biscuits are crumbling they're very like they just fall apartwhat you two into them these are not so much i can feel a little bit ofchewiness in there i would give this guy a baby in heads next item another giant bag of chipsrecently I've been buying these gigantic as big as my freaking head bag of chips i'm gonna show you what they look like well i think i'm gonna drop them all inmy hands ok so i don't know what the hell that ismaybe like a starfish or something I don't know you know this is not like the storybottom like the place I bottom was a indian store that's what they smell like the indianstore I don't know what flavor that is ok so here we go ready go god there's Isee you guys can't speak it burns my throat oh my goodness guys desktop is spicy get your handles and he wasn't spicychip I mean I just be one and I can feel theburn down my throat anybody know what that says tell me inthe comments I would give these guys a three and a half million heads next I know ok these are some kind ofsesame brittle let's give it a try is all natural go every time they're like doing thatbut they're like you can just like one too long how fun is that ok let's open it that is so pretty look at all the sesameseeds in there and they're in some kind of like that sugar I think it's a sugar kind of candy orsomething let's see they're delicious I am so impressed withthese they remind me of a candy we have in Puerto Rico and you know I can'tremember the name of anything but your porreca don't we have a sesame see Andy this tastes just like it way to go indiai would give these guys the forward path Gideon heads I think this is a reallypopular in India I don't know what flavor it is and i wastrying to read the back but they always put these giant labels in the back onthe import stuff they it's telling you to please give them that sounds like it was like coca-colalike maybe it's like conquer cola did you forget give it a thumbs up don'tforget oh look it looks like a coca-cola ohyeah oh wait pump the brakes I always jumpthe guy it looks like coca-cola and it smellslike coca-cola and the first sip tasted like a cool but there's something elsein there that is not Cola no no very similar maybe ninety percentcoke the other ten percent I don't know what it is but it's a mystery from herbut it is i think the indian version of coca-cola i would give this guy bring about amillion heads last item they're hard to get let's open theseguys there's a team and there is a cream so we'll try one of each he's eithermango or he looks like an orange so make it up the flavor of this guythat can you see as like a little.

to something in there follow can just ok look at that I don't know there'slike little something sprinkled all in there that doesn't snowwith fruit it's nice it tastes like candy and itkind of has a mango kind of flavor to it but there's like spices or seasoningyour herbs or something there's something in with in the candythat is giving it other flavors besides the mango let's try this pink one she looks like aCameron but she could also be the shape of short because she's like this I hold her it smells funny ok whatever her or spices are in here mixed within the candy throwing me offit's like Oh spit it out so I would give these guys to indianheads alright guys thank you so much forjoining me for this india taste test I had a blast bringing all these newproducts to you i hope you enjoyed the video give it a thumbs up just like the dream told you to and sothat i know that you enjoy these types of videos that are MTU week after week don't forget to subscribe so that youare the first to see the newest video I bring out next week I'll see you thenbye.

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