In The Streets Of Mexico | VLOG

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(Music)We're on a dirt road what the heckis this? Walmart, now we understand, it's a Walmart we found an American store.

Oh HomeDepot, you know it's getting real.

What's up, it's been one hell of an adventure sofar.

Dalena's in deep thought.

We made it, we made it to Rosarito Christine had a minorissue flat tire.

But, we made it, we're all together finally.

(music) Laughing.

(music)It's so pretty here with the beach.

The ultimate tourist right now.

More food, I thinkwe've eaten more food than any other trip I've ever taken with my friends here.

Becauseyou are with Taus that's why.


it's been basically a trip of eating, like that's beenour entire trip is eating at every different taco place and every different ice cream placeand bakery and everything we find, and again, we're now at another food place.

So our "todo" list was find a donkey, eat a churro, what was the other ones? Corn, find corn,and buy can, buy candy which we just did so checking things off the list.

(music) Lastday in Rosarito.

All I want is a little pony, my little pony, my little pony! She wantsto ride on a horse, we need to find her a horse.

If I get sick because we've eaten somuch it is her fault.

She said this is the best place ever and it was on Yelp.

(Laughing)and everyone else gave up.

(laughing) It's only me and my Psis here that are going forit.

(laughing) So lets see if it's "The Best Ever".

So how is it? It's good, I still likethe other place better.

Oh, not number one.

Say it (laughing) I'm not in the mood.

She'slike screw it to you (laughing).

We're at another Taco place.

(laughing) Go Christine.

Stay on it forever, forever, (laughing) forever.

(laughing) He looks like a professional lookat that.

Work it boy work it.

(Laughing) Dalena lost it.

What's your plan Miss Mexico? I amstill looking for that Guava juice first, and I really want to drink my guava juiceon my little pony.

(laughing) My little pony, if that happens then I'm happy.

That cornerhad everything, it had the corn, it had my jacket and the ponies were right there.

andit drove away.

I should have been like.

Grab it.

Justin Bieber.

(screaming) Jackie I toldyou! It's real, she thought it was a robot.

(laughing) Karina's like ah massage.

It'sso Mexico we even have the hat on the TV.

Well Mexico it's been fun, until next time.

Everybody's super duper tired because we woke up at 5:45 and now it's 6:30 AM.

So hopefullythere won't be too many people at the border.

We shall see.

(music) We're gonna see howmany hours we're gonna be at the border.

The traffic is pretty intense.

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