(IN CHINESE) Hui Minority and Chinese Muslim Food //中国生活:回族朋友还有穆斯林菜

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Hello guys Good morning It's lingling again Some of my audience ask me to talk in Chinese.

So you guys can.

have a feeling of my Chinese skills So I'll speak Chinese this time I'm working on my homework right now.

Due tomorrow.

I'm also waiting for my packages.

Because Lingling bought stuff again.

Here the winter's quite a bit cold Right now the temperature is lower and lower So I ordered online on Taobao some good stuff.

Outfits sweaters, etc.

The delivery man should be here downstairs soon Let me see.

He hasn't arrived yet.

After that I'm heading out.

I'm going to have lunch with my friend who is an ethnic minority in China.

You guys may wonder why Because I want to go to her.

She's a minority.

Hui minority.


Chinese muslim minority.

One of the minorities in China.

She's from Gansu.

No not Gansu.

She's from Ningxia! So I asked her to take me to a place a restaurant for Hui minorities.

So we plan to meet at 12pm and have lunch together.

I'll let her introduce Hui minority's food and culture, etc.

I just arrived.

Finished my ride.

This is my prettiest friend.

– ugliest no no.

How is you ugly? I don't think so.

You said you want to introduce yourself.

Is it recording? Yes – Hi What should I say? Her name's.

I'm Yue Ma.

Yue Ma.

I'm a ethnic minority.

Hui minority.

I don't eat pork.

No pork.

The restaurant we're going doesn't sell pork.

It's a restaurant for ethnic minorities.

lingling: Then what do you eat?yue: the place is big and beautiful.

If not pork, what do you eat? Beef, lamb, chicken.


These are fine.

lingling: Same as Muslim?yue: Yes.

Here we are.

Here we are at a Xinjiang cuisine restaurant.

Xinjiang restaurant, wow.

They have music as well.

yue: Yes, Xinjiang people enjoy singing and dancing.

lingling: They are?yue: This is their music.

lingling: ahyue: It's noisy.

What kind of music is this? It's in Uyghur.

Uyghur is similar to Turkish language.

I'm so exciting.

attendant: Hello.

Seats for two.

Look So many delicious dishes.

Lamb skewers, and pilaf are their specials.

I definitely want this.

You are on camera.

I definitely want lamb skewers.

Their yogurt is also special.

It's a bit sour.

Is it? I think I had this before, in Yunnan.

What else? I'm not picky.

How many do we order? The lamb skewers.

Let's have four.


Four lamb skewers.

One naan.

The attendants look good in their uniform.

Is it Hui people clothing? It is Uyghur.

What? Uyghur Minority.

Wei?? (trying to pronounce it) Uyghur From xinxiang, right? Yes, Xinjiang Uyghur.

I see.

Many of the ethnic minority groups have their own clothing.

This is Uyghur clothing.

And Kazak, their hats are like this Oh, I've never seen that.

We were talking about Hui Minority.

Are there lots of Hui people live in Xinjiang? Yes.

Well, we are talking about Muslim.

Those ethnic minority, who don't eat pork and follow the religion of Islam.

Including Hui Minority, Uyghur in Xinjiang, and Kazak, etc.

The Hui people in China, besides Xinjiang, also live in Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, Yunnan, Beijing, Shanghai, and many other cities.

It is the second largest ethnic minority in China, after the Zhuang Minority.

The Hui Minority.

yue: But, the people we just saw.

lingling: Can you tell me where Xinjiang is? Xinxiang is, located in the North-West corner of China.

lingling: West.

Here's Beijing.

and Xinjiang is The farthest place.

lingling: Close to Pakistan.

yue: Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan.

Is your food different? Or the same as other Chinese? Yes, we have similar dishes.

Like rice, fried dishes, noodles.

With the exception of pork.

Neither donkey meat nor dog meat.

Is it because you consider them dirty? Not really.

It's just the rule says we can't.

Are you going to the.

Hui Minority.

Mosque? The church for Hui Minority.

Yes, mosque.


How to say that in English? I don't know.

It's mosque in English.

Same as Muslim, right? Yes.

Do you go there quite often? Or just occasionally? For example, on death anniversaries of ancestors.

Say, my grandfather passed away two years ago this date.

Today will be his death anniversary.

We need to commemorate him on such days.

Male members of the family will go to the mosque, to be at prayer.

To commemorate the dead.

Or go to the cemetery.

The female members of the family will prepare meals at home.

to treat friends and relatives.

And commemorate the ancestors together.

It's quite interesting.

When I was in Malaysia, there are Muslims as well, they have a holiday.

I went to the.

what's the word, again? mosque I went to mosque together with them.

It was interesting.

But in Malaysia, they wear headscarves.

Just like you, they also don't eat pork, or dog meat.

So, is Hui Minority any different from Muslim? There's no difference.

Muslim is a broader concept.

Muslim includes Arabian, Dubai, Malaysian as well as Hui Minority in China.

Uygur in Xinxiang, Kazak.

OK I see.

Dishes are served.

This is Xinjiang's special pilaf.

She's so exciting.

Chinese people are obsessed with food.

What's the name of this? Pilaf.

Meaning eat with your hand.

It gets its name because people in Xinxiang were originally eat it with bare hand.

But nowadays you use chopsticks.


I feel this restaurant is more and more noisy.

More and more.


This is how China is like.

It's lunch hours.

Many people are having their lunch here.

Let's have a taste of it.

The dishes.

Let me try this first.

Expression on your face.

There's raisin in it.

Can you film me pouring the milk tea? This is milk tea.

It looks amazing.

I'm gonna try this milk tea.

What's the name? Xinjiang flavor of milk tea.


It's good.

The attendant finds us interesting.

She's looking at us all the time.

She's staring at us filming.

What is this weird foreigner doing? This is good, too.

it's a little salty.

It is filled with meat.

Is it beef? Yes beef.

It's called baked baozi.

Chinese is too hard to speak.

It's hard to film while you are eating – with chopsticks.

It tastes good.

Looks good.

Let's give the fillings a close-up view.

Filled with pure meat.


Lingling is very happy now.

I'm not sure why I didn't eat much meat in China.

It's because.

I did eat meat, but only a little.

We finished our lunch.

lingling: I'm going to.

Yue: Time to say goodbye.

I'll send her back to school first.

And then I'll take the metro to go to another place.

To take a photograph.

Go to Temple of Heaven, and Tiananmen.

Tiananmen? Who knows.

I don't know.

You've been there many times.

Yes I have.

I love the history of Beijing, China.