How to Prep for A Taste of Thai: Pad Thai

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[MUSIC PLAYING] CHEF JAMIE CALLISON: Okay, now we're goingto talk about Pad Thai.

The mise en place for this dish.

All of this seems kind ofoverwhelming, but it really is not and it will help your day.

So again, I've lined everything up exactly how I want it presented.

Not presented, but cooked.

So I'm going to start with myoil, I've taken my shrimp, I like the larger shrimp, like the 16-20 size, peeled, de-veined, and I've quartered those so they have removed all theshell, quartered them, they're ready to go.

I have myminced garlic.

I have my eggs mixed up.

My pad Thai sauce, I have it totally ready to go.

So my sauce isready, then I have my lime juice.

I have my green onions, chopped peanuts, and then my lime in wedges for garnish.

With the beansprouts you have to be really careful.

Some people like to leave them wholelike this, sometimes I like to rough chop them for inside the Pad Thai.

But you don't want to cut theseuntil the very last minute, because they'll bruise and turn on you real quick.

So make sure that as part ofmise en place, you still have them out and ready to go as you start yourcooking process, and now I would be able to chop those and then move on.

So my noodles, they take about 10 minutes in water, so once you get all your mise en place out andyou think you're about ready to start cooking, starting your noodles, sobringing your water to a boil, put those noodles in there, so having those ready before you start cooking is important becauseyour shrimp and everything else is going to cook reallyquick.

This dish will probably take about, totalof about 3 minutes to finish, so make sure those noodles aren't sittingin that water too long.



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