How to make warm pumpkin soup: raw vegan recipe

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Hello everyone, I'm Anya Live Love Raw.

Today we will make a delicious pumpkin, raw vegan but hot soup.

There are so many pumpkins all over the place now, it's amazing! These are from my garden.

We have 2 pumpkins here, we are not going to use 2, but it is just to show that there are many different sizes, and why we use "cups" for measuring quantities in recipes.

This baby will not be enough to make a soup, so let's use the large pumpkin.

The first thing to do is cut the pumpkin.

And this, so cut a pumpkin! Now, remove the seeds.

And this, we have our delicious pumpkin seeds.

Do not throw away – you can put them in the dehydrator for a wonderful snack.

I have cut and measured about 4 cups pumpkin, it was more or less half of the pumpkin you've seen before.

Now I will explain the next part – you have to have a super powerful blender, as a Vitamix or something, because the true flavor and consistency the mixer appears after 2-3 minutes, and for those who know the Vitamix, you know that 2-3 minutes is a very long time because it is so powerful.

First, we put 4 cups pumpkin in the blender.

After – 2 cups of water.

Or more if you wish, depending on how you like.

Now we put 1/2 cup cashews that have been soaking for 1-2 hours.

Now we take a garlic clove.

Small 1.

5 teaspoons of salt.

1 teaspoon curry, no matter what you use, this is garam masala, but use any have at home.

And finally, a bit of fresh dill, 1/8 cup or so.

Now we mix everything.

Mmm watch this.

We have already done, and I really want to try it because it smells great.

Let's see.

that creamy consistency! And to prove it! Wow, it is the best pumpkin soup I've ever done! I have mixed for longer this time, and I tell you, this is the secret, It must be mixed for a long time.

I have here also a thermometer to measure the temperature.

36ºC Here you have it guys, your raw vegan hot soup! I eat a little more, as this so good !! If you want to serve more beautiful, you can decorate it with some seeds, dill or anything else.

If you have time to decorate course, it is so rich that surely will eat before you can do anything.

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