How To Make WAFFLE QUESADILLA (Simple Recipe – Mexican Food)

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que transita por tus venas, amigos (Translation from Spanish: what's flowing in your veins, friends?) Cinco De Maya is coming up So today, I am going to show you how to cook some Mexican cuisine food! And what's more Mexican than a burrito? A quesadilla! A Waffle Quesadilla! You already probably know the ingredients.

They are very simple We just need some tortillas As well as some shredded cheese and some canola oil, canola spray oil And of course, to make it a waffle quesadilla, we need a waffle iron when you plug in your waffle iron, you want to make sure it's ready before you start cookin than you grab a the canola oil, shake it up as always and spray just a notch as well as the other side then you are going to grab your tortillas I am feeling Mexican already and you wanna spread some shredded cheese on top of it I like my quesadillas nice and cheesy I think it's going to be dripping cheese a little bit, but oh well and then you just plug it in In about 30 seconds you flip that thing and let it do its thing and just wait until you feel that the cheese is starting to melt 30 seconds and it's time to open it Umm, the waffle quasadilla I am going to grab my delicious waffle quesadilla and throw it and let it rest for just a little bit while it's resting I am going to grab some grilled chees off my waffle and enjoy that! it's time to cut it in four pieces umm, do you smell that cheese? CHEE-ZI-LICOUS!! my cutting skills are not the best But my waffle tortillas skills are not questioned! [crunching the waffle quesadilla] this is so good! THUMBS UP! one two three well I hope you guys enjoyed this video.

Don't forget to give it big thumbs up! Cheeze out! que paso, que paso I am going to eat them all! Muhahaha! I am going to eat them all! – Que transita haha.

BAHAHAHAH! – stop it! que transita por tus venas, amigos Speaks Russian: Я поел (translation: I ate them!).