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Do you know what today is? it's Mexican Monday.

on the menu today we're gonna happenbirdbath scheme and secret desert really easy gonna cheatgonna try to make money back that's insane I'm sitting on the parkinglot there yeah mind chill should remain calm up do moment cream are them here it is guys you super easy tomake to me ships too easy to make soap laugh I have to get this fine babyand for last week's video somebody askedwhat could have been done differently for me to have given why not recipe five baby and had in this question wasasked by my son run K E thank you for the question KatieI think the reason that I did not give it by the enhanced was because just took so along not a faster speed and all Mexican mondays are fun fast and Mike can and that was a recipe thatjust a long time to make so that is the reason I did not get itby dee-ann had if you have more questions leaving down the loan I willtry to answer them on my next video I also included a desert with this one and I need it byjust buying some strawberry banana actor he and I alsopurchased khwaabon actor he and I put into thesepopsicle molds that I bought he was super easy route to determinesome blueberries he and I just stuck them in the freezerand now I have popsicles her politics of that I'm also gonnaenjoy today on mexican Monday here they are this isbe while one tell it even get this hope home using oh my cat nominee give it a try he'swere so easy to make you guys have tried it I'm gonna givethis by baby and head are a guide I hope you enjoyed thisMexican Monday video don't forget to give the video athumbs up as he guided by.

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