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Welcome to 'Morgane Recipes' Today I’m going to show you how to make the Vietnamese traditional crispy spring rolls.

In this recipe I use ground pork, but if you prefer you can use ground chicken instead.

When I make the crispy spring rolls, I like to prepare a large quantity because I can keep them in the freezer.

Here are the ingredients for 40 crispy spring rolls: You can find this list on my website: I soak the mushrooms and the glass noodles in cold water for 1 hour.

After an hour, I drain the mushrooms and I rinse them.

I remove their hard feet, then I mix them in the blender.

I drain the glass noodles, I cut them.

I shred the carrots, I mince the onions.

I put in a large bowl: the carrots, the onions, the mushrooms, the glass noodles, the ground pork, the bean sprouts, the egg, five tablespoons of fish sauce, 1 tsp of salt and I add some black pepper.

I mix well with my hands.

I spread a wet and wrung towel on the table.

In a small bowl, I mix the tapioca flour with three tablespoons of water.

This mixture will be used as a glue to close the spring rolls.

In a large bowl, I put some very hot water.

I use this water to quickly soak the rice papers in it.

I lay them on the wet towel.

I put one tbsp.

of the filling on each rice paper.

I fold the both sides in, then I roll up.

I dip my finger into the tapioca bowl, then I stamp on the rice paper.

For the first frying, I fry the spring rolls on high heat for five minutes, then I remove them.

I let them cool.

At this stage, I can freeze them.

The aim of the second frying is to make therolls very crispy.

I fry them for three minutes over high heat.

Serve hot with salad leaves, fresh herbs and a good dipping sauce.

Bon appetit! Thank you for watching my video!.

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