How to Make The Best Chicken Lo Mein ~ Chinese Food Recipe

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Tonight for dinner is chicken Lo Mein.

You know i luv my Lo Mein! I'm Tess and welcome to my kitchen.

In one of my recipe videos I showed youhow to make vegetable Lo Mein and i will leave a link to that recipe HERE, and in.

The description box below We love Lo Mein of all kinds but tonightI'm making chicken Lo Mein and i'm going to show you from start to finish howeasy and delicious this is.

This is a stir fry and it goes quicklyso I'm prepping everything before I get started.

The Lo Mein noodles that I get at theAsian market come like this.

You can find them in the refrigerated or freezersection of the market.

There are different varieties so make sure you check the package for cooking instructions.

These will only take a few minutes thenI will drain and rinse well in cold water.

If you can't find the Lo Mein noodles youcan use pasta such as spaghetti, linguine or fettuccine.

It's all good! For the chicken I have chicken breasts.

I'm butterflying them and cutting them in half for thinner slices.

You can use chicken thighs.

I'm cuttingthem about an eighth of an inch or so thick.

To the chicken I'm adding somelight soy sauce and a couple teaspoons of rice vinegar.

You can also use an egg white.

This willhelp tenderize the chicken.

In goes some cornstarch and giving it a good mix withmy hands.

Great tools in the kitchen! Mixing untileverything is combined and the starch is absorbed.

Going into the refrigerator for20 to 30 minutes so it can do its thing.

For the veggies I'm using what i have.

Ihave some red and yellow peppers, onions, carrots, mini bok choy, green onions, bamboo shoots and of course we have tohave some chopped garlic and ginger.

I sliced the veggies in matchstick sizepieces to help cook evenly and combined with the Lo Mein.

Now for the sauce! I have some chickenbroth and you can use water.

I'm adding some light soy sauce, oystersauce and a little drizzle of sesame oil.

Be careful of the sesame oil as it canbe overpowering! In my vegetable Lo Mein i added a mushroom dark soy sauce.

I just love the flavor but unfortunately,did not have any.

If you like more sauce, just add more broth or water.

Giving thata good stir and setting to the side.

We are ready to make this happen! In mywok on high heat I'm adding some oil and the chicken.

Justslightly spreading out the chicken and letting it cook for 20 to 30 seconds andthen giving it a toss.

This will help seal in the juices of thechicken and also prevent the chicken from sticking to the wok.

I'm cooking the chicken in two batchesand it will take three to five minutes for the chicken to cook through and this all depends on the size of yourchicken pieces.

Removing the chicken from the wok andsetting to the side.

Next are the veggies! I cleaned out mywok with a little water and still have my heat on high.

I'm adding a little oil.

I will be making two batches of chickenLo Mein tonight so I'm splitting the chicken, veggies and Lo Mein into two.

Iwant to add the veggies as they cook, the longest time cooking veggies first andthe shortest time last.

You still want to have some crunch and life left in theveggies.

This will only take two to three minutesto cook and make sure you stir constantly to prevent burning and helpcook the veggies evenly.

Adding in the minced garlic and ginger and keepstirring for another minute.

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You never know what i might be cooking! In goes half of the chicken and juices.

Giving that a stir to get well combined.

Then goes in the Lo Mein noodles, greenonions and the sauce.

Giving that a good toss to get everything well combined.

When the noodles are heated through weare ready to eat! It smells wonderful and I can hardlywait! The chicken is nice and tender and ijust love all the flavor from the veggies.

Certainly better than takeout! You can adjust the flavors as you wish.

Some people like it a little sweet or hot.

Make it your own! It is easy andcomforting.

I'll definitely be ready to watch a goodmovie after dinner! You can top the Lo Mein with anything you like.

Like bean sprouts, chopped green onions.

but tonight Im topping with somedried shallots for a little extra crunch.

I hope you give this delicious chickenLo Mein recipe a try.

I know you're going to love it! Untilnext time, enjoy.

And Thanks so much for joining me herein my kitchen.

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You never know what i might be cooking!Until next time.

Much Love!.