How To Make Steamed Rice Cake Banh Bo-Vietnamese Food Recipes

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Hi friends my name is Mai today we are making a delicious Vietnamese dessert, Sweet Steamed Rice Cakes Called Banh Bo For this delicious recipe you will need, Non Gluten-ious Rice Flour, Tapioca Flour, Regular Sugar, Vanilla Sugar, Active Dry Yeast, Coconut Milk, Water and food colors.

First in a large bowl combine Rice Flour with Tapioca Flour mix together in a small pot on VERY LOW HEAT combined Coconut Milk with water, vanilla sugar, and Regular Sugar, mix until the sugar is dissolved.

When the mixture is finger warm remove from heat and stir in the Yeast.

Quickly Stir the Yeast until dissolved.

The warm mixture will activate the Yeast.

Now pour into the rice flour mixture.

mix the batter until no lumps remain.

is very important to keep the batter in awarm area so the batter will rise and become bubbly.

Set the batter in a warm area for 4 hours.

Ok friends its been 4 hours, as you can see The batter is light and fluffy.

now place a drop of oil in the rice cake cups so they don't stick.

and place the cups in the steam cooker.

while the cups are heating pour equal amounts of batter batter into separate cups and add 2 drops of food color.

now pour the batter into the hot cups.

steam cook the rice cakes for 15 minutes.

and here you have a delicious Vietnamese Dessert Sweet Steamed Rice Cakes-Banh Bo.

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