How To Make Steak Fajitas-Mexican Food Recipes,Cinco De Mayo

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Hi friends my name is Mai today we are making delicious Steak Fajitas.

for this delicious recipe you will need, beef skirt steak, to marinade the steak you will need, chipotle pepper adobo sauce, and fajita seasoning, for the Fajita filling you will need sliced red and green bell peppers, sliced red and yellow onion, black pepper & kosher salt, you will also need flour tortillas to wrap the Fajitas.

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First the steak marinade.

In a large sauce pan combine adobo sauce, with fajita seasoning and mix mix together.

Now add in the steak.

Marinade the steak for thirty minutes or longer.

Wow that looks good.

Now we're ready to grill the steak.

now in a medium pan on high-heat add vegetable oil, vegetable oil, sauté red and yellow onions and sliced red and green bell peppers, kosher salt, and black pepper.

now is a good time to warm the flour tortillas.

now slice the grilled steak into thinstrips.

now lets make the Fajitas, grilled steak, sautéed vegetables, And here you have delicious steak Fajitas.

Garnish with Avocado, Lime, Cilantro and Salsa.

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