How to Make: Raw Black Forest Cake

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[Music Playing] Happy Holidays! Welcome to Down to Earth! My name is Mama T.

And today I'm going to show you how to make the best holiday dessert.

For any of your holiday parties.

It's a black forest cake.

That is raw, vegan, and gluten-free.

To begin, we're going to start with two cups of almond meal.

That you can make in your food-processor.

We're going to put one cup into our food processor.

And then reserve half of it for the topping later.

We're also going to put in two cups of soaked cashews.

We're also going to put in one cup of raw Macadamia nuts.

We're also going to put the juice of one lemon.

And one-third cup raw cacao powder.

A quarter cup of Chia seeds.

And we're going to put two cups of dates.

We're going to put in one cup [of] cherries.

And then we're going to put in a cup.

of Coconut oil.

A teaspoon of almond extract.

And also.

a teaspoon of raw vanilla powder.

And begin with a pulse.

[Pulsing Sound] After blending for about four minutes.

Maybe five.

You're going to come to a consistency that kinda looks like.

A sticky battery brownie dough.

Our next step is to remove your batter.

And place into a Springform pan.

Placing it right into our freezer for two to three hours.

To become solid and firm.

Our topping consists of.

Grated raw chocolate bar.

We're going to add our divided almond meal.

A quarter cup of raw cacao.

Add some finely chopped dates.

Going to work this mixture into a crumble.

And we're going to.

add it to the top of our raw cake.

Next we're going to make our frosting.

Which is very simple.

We're going to start with one whole ripe Avocado.

We're also going to put in.

half a cup of Coconut butter.

Coconut butter is creamier, and it contains pieces of the Coconut.

We're also going to put in our dates.

We're going to put half a cup of Agave in here.

This is raw Agave.

And then we're going to put half a cup of our cacao powder.

If your Avocado is really really large.

You can put a little bit more Cacao.

To balance out the Avocado.

We're going to put a teaspoon and a half.

Of our Vanilla powder.

You want to put a little bit more? It's ok too.

And then finally.

a pinch of sea salt.

And this just helps marry the flavors.

And bring a little punch to it.

And then blend.

and we're ready to frost our cake.

[Blending Sound] Transfer your frosting to a glass bowl.

And evenly coat the sides and the top.

Until you have frosting everywhere.

Next we're going to add out topping crumble.

That we made earlier.

And we're going to put that all over the top of our black forest cake.

Also, finish it off with our soaked dried cherries.

And there you have it! Raw, vegan, gluten-free black forest cake.

Ready to share for your holiday parties.

And it will be a big hit.

I promise! So enjoy your holidays! From us to you at Down to Earth.

We wish you the best holiday ever! Aloha! [Music Playing].