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Hello Hello! boys and girls! How are you today? Once we are here all together, today I am gonna tell you something for you girls Today I am gonna tell you which is the secret To make your boyfriend the happiest! All you need to do is to give him an amazing blowj….

(Scene cut)! Ahhhhh the censorship just stop me… okok… I am gonna tell you the second thing you can do to make him happy! You can make some nice fresh home made pasta!!! And if you are a boy, you can do it as well! Wellnot the first thing.

just the second one! Alberto: “Granny did I miss anything?” Granny: Oh no nothing my darling.

we are gonna make home made pasta for Lasagna, ravioliTagliatelle and all you want! 500 gr white flower double zero (we need itwell refined for this kind of pasta) 5 eggsNormally we use one egg each 100 grams of flour We can start pouring the flour in a bowl.

Let’s make a hole in the middle and in the hole…we put the eggs… what were youthinking I was going to say to put in the hole you little bold kids!Once we have all the eggs we take a fork and we start breaking them adding some flour fromthe side At a certain point we can start kneading withour clean hands… did you wash your hands you little dirty-a%#?? What did you do? didyou touch yourself? When we can we move to a chopping board andkeep kneading for 15 minutes in total! Don't be lazy! 15 minuts is less than sex.

andif your boyfriend takes less than that well I am sorry for you girl! My granpa goes and goesin bed!! We let it resting 30 minutes coveredAnd after look the result! Look che bello!!! It is inflated and ready to make amazing pasta!With the rolling pin we make the pasta sheet thiiin thiin like 0.

5 mm! That is veeery thinbut it is what we need so don’t complain! And now we can cut it as you wish! Look wemake lasagna sheet.

we make tagliatelle and all the cut’s you want!Don’t forget to open it and spread flour on it or it will get sticky! Like me whenI was young!! Let it rest 30 minutes before cooking ok? And this was the Fresh pasta my darling! Butafter your boyfriend eats it I suggest you do also the other thing to make him happy!And if you are boy don’t eat too much! You will need to use your tongue!! Girls also want their part! And after the oral pleasure don’t forgetto Like this video, comment and subscribe to “the Italian Granny Show”! Ciaooooo!.

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