How To Make Mexican Elotes With Flamin Hot Cheetos – Corn on a Cob Recipe

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Hey Guys Welcome to titotube.

Com, I am Titotoday we are going to due something we can eat.

Today we are making Elotes with Hot Cheetos.

The first Step so here we have Flaming hot cheetos cheese,sweet corn and mayo the first step is get hot cheetos, a big plastic bag, first youare going to open the hot cheetos.

Put it inside the bag what we are doing hereis smashing the hot cheetos next step we are going to put the mayo nowwe are going to get cotija cheese and spread the cotija cheese on the elote the last ingredientthat is the Flamin hot cheetos Yummy!!!! So this is my Elote Hot Cheetos ExperimentMake sure you leave a like write a comment and subscribe see you all later byeee byeeeee.

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