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Today we’re going to discuss the healthbenefits of a Mediterranean diet as we prepare some dishes that are well known to the region.

But, before we do, I want to share some exciting research that supports eating this way.

Studiesshow that following a Mediterranean style of eating can reduce risk factors linked toyour heart such as, high blood pressure, Type 2 diabetes, and metabolic syndrome by 30%.

And, if you are someone living with Type 2 diabetes or heart disease, this way of eatinghas been shown to lower your risk of dying from cardiovascular causes by 70%! That’samazing! So, what is a Mediterranean diet? The key principles of a Mediterranean dietinclude.

Olive oil as the main source of fat, plenty of vegetables, salads, and fruit, morelegumes, beans, chickpeas and lentils, nuts and seeds, whole grains, fish, poultry, meatand dairy, wine is also included with meals in moderation.

Today, we’re going to makea few dishes that are well known to the Mediterranean region to show how you can put all these aspectsof the diet together.

One of the key principles of the Mediterranean diet is including plentyof vegetables, salads and fruit.

So today we’re going to start off with a vegetableside dish and David’s going to show us how.

To make this green bean salad, it’s reallyso easy and you don’t need that many ingredients.

And, that’s all we really need.

Perfect,so to start off we’re going to take our green beans.

I got the water boiling overhere, and I’m going to immerse in the boiling water.

Great, and sometimes people worry aboutboiling and losing nutrition when it comes to cooking, but the key is to not over cookingyour beans.

Right, David? Absolutely, we want to remove them as they say ‘dante’ almostcooked, Because they’re actually going to cook a little bit after we’ve removed themfrom the pot and they’re resting in the bowl.

We want that wholesomeness, right sowe’re going to keep them a little firm.

Beautiful, the beauty of this vegetable sidedish is the colour of the green because there we’re getting powerful antioxidants andso these are naturally occurring components in food that protect us on the inside.

That’salso known as beta carotene, often times when we hear beta carotene we think of the yellowsand the oranges but it’s also found in our green vegetables as well.

So now that, thewater I believe is boiling, we are going to immerse these beautiful fresh greens intothe pot.

As we mentioned, we really do not want to overcook the beans.

So we going tolet them boil for a couple of minutes, tops, and they’ll be almost ready and we’regoing to remove them.

So I believe our beans are ready, couple of minutes, and now I’mgoing to remove the beans, put them into this bowl.

Even just feeling them, they’re stillvery firm.

And look at those colours, very vibrant.

This is going to be a gorgeous salad.

And as you can see it’s just so easy to make.

So easy, so nutritious, I often tellmy clients you know whenever you go to eat aim to get some colour on your plate.

So whilethe beans are resting over here, I’m going to make our salad dressing.

Some extra virginolive oil, so the extra virgin olive oil is an unsaturated fat, often times people knowit as the healthy fat.

And it’s healthy fat for a number of different reasons.

Lookat the colour, the colour itself has those antioxidants I was talking about earlier.

And it also has been shown to lower the LDL cholesterol that’s the lousy cholesterolin the body.

Super, so we have the extra virgin olive oil now I’m going to put some redwine vinegar in here.

Just a dash, you don’t want it to be too tart.

And then I’m goingto sprinkle a beautiful Greek oregano, it’s all about the spices, the herbs.

So you reallycan get flavour without relying on salt.

Fresh garlic, can’t forget the garlic.

Just ahandful, two pinches, or to taste, some people really like garlic, nothing wrong with addingmore.

Stir it up, so there, salad dressing is done.

All we’re going to do now is drizzlethis over the beans, then we’re going to put it in the fridge to chill.

So just broughtthe beans from the fridge, should actually leave the beans in the fridge for a coupleof hours because that way that salad dressing we made, the beans will really absorb thoseflavours.

So they’re nice and chilled now, you could do the plating individually, likeI’m doing right now, because the cherry on top If you want for this beautiful freshsalad, are these almonds over here.

And almonds are a great nut to include, but people don’tjust have to stick to almonds it could be any variety of any nut and seed.

And in fact,there are some really great research where nuts have been included, not just almondsbut a mixture of nuts it really has been shown as part of a healthy diet to reverse pre diabetes.

So the moment you’ve been waiting for, you’ve been smelling all these, the fresh garlic,the oregano, Mediterranean, please enjoy.

Oh this looks fantastic! So remember, theMediterranean diet is not just about the foods that are included but it’s also how andwhere we eat our food.

So sitting down with people enjoying the meal is also part of theMediterranean style of eating.

Bon appetite!.

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