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Hi guys! Welcome back to my channel! Today,I'm going to doing Escovitch Fish.

This is one of my favorite dish, I love it.

First,I wash my fish and clean it up and everything.

Then I season it with black pepper and saltand all the nice little seasonings.

I make my dutch pot really hot and then I put inmy oil.

I then add the fish.

I let the fish fry on each side for 5 minutes.

It shouldbe nice and brown.

I'm gonna flip it.

I have all my seasonings, my chopped seasonings.

Scotch Bonnet peppers, sweet peppers, onions.

I turn my fish over now, you see? Nice and brown.

Here it goes, my fish is all done.

I remove it from the dutch pot and I have my Juliennecarrots.

I'm gonna be cooking that in a little boiling water for five minutes.

I just wantit nice and crunchy because I will be adding it to the fish.

These are all my chopped ingredients.

Now I'm going to put everything back in my pot.

I put some oil, make it nice and hot.

Then I put in all the chopped ingredients.

There we go! Now I cook it for about 5 minutes.

Then I stir it up, stir it up.

I add some vinegar and make that cook for a couple ofminutes.

Stir it up! Once you follow my recipe you can't go wrong.

Just look at what I amdoing.

You will get it.

Here's the vinegar I'm adding.

I'm going to stir it up again.

This Escovitch fish can be eaten with anything at all.

Bread, rice and peas, white rice,whatever.

It is so good! See! I add everything onto the fish.

You see how pretty that is?All done! Look at it! It is so pretty.

Thanks you guys for watching, thank you!.

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