How to make Italian Vinaigrette

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My Italian dressing is a mixture of cream Italian, basic Italian, and my Latin mixture that I carry with myself, so basically what I haveis little bit of garlic with yellow onion, red pepper, a mixture of vinegar, water, and sometimes lime juice.

Not in this one, but sometimes I do mix it with lime juice.

Then we have olive oil, and herbs; and thevariety of herbs are gonna depends on what I have in my refrigerator.

Last but not theleast, my favorite ingredient in many, many recipes is yogurt.

And I use greek sometimes, plain yogurt the others, depending on how thick I want the dressing.

And you can changeeither of the two.

We are gonna make this Italian dressing with a special ingredient.

It's a coffee syrup.

It is amazing! Now if you don't wanna tasteit with the coffee syrup, then do brown sugar.

You can do any natural sugar that you desire,plus it's only a little bit.

If it's the syrup, it's gonna be a tablespoon because we reallywant the taste.


but if it's just some plain syrup,it's just one teaspoon.

So we're gonna add that.

Okay here we go with the vinegar, sometablespoons.

and then we're gonna add the salt and the pepper and the garlic.

______because it's one garlic clove.

We're gonna blend this part so don't worry if the garlicisn't a whole.


We're gonna add herbs; the oregano and the cilantro.

Nowwe're gonna put some yogurt.

This is another special ingredient for this, it's onion dressingbecause it's gonna make it a lot healthier, much more digestible.

And it's gonna bringin all of the benefits of the yogurt.

It is amazing.

Now there's one ingredient.

let's add water.

There's two ingredients we're not gonna add yet.

We're now going to layer.

After we blendthe minced pepper and minced onion because we want it to have some carrot.

We don't wantit to be all liquid.

So let's add some oil.

Okay! Now that we have the olive oil intothe mixture, we can transfer everything to the blender cup.

You could've started placingeverything into the cup.

I just wanted it to be a clear bowl so you can see it easier.

We blend all of these ingredients and then we add the little bit of red pepper and littlebit onion.

We're gonna blend all of the ingredients fromthe dressing.

Actually do you want it to blend the onion and the red pepper, that would beperfectly fine.

I just like it this way.

And we have our dressing ready.

Check this out.

Then I add the teaspoon oneand teaspoon the other.

they are gonna be amazing.

And we are gonna add into the vegetables.

Four tablespoons of this mixture so that they are seasoned and then we're gonna place themon top, over the cooked rice while we cut the chicken into little pieces, because everythingis gonna mix into the same pot.

Now you can serve it there or in a beautiful platter.

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