How to make Ghavna – Maharashtra’s Special Roti – Ghavna recipe – Traditional ghavna recipe

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Hello! I am Neena Sharad Bhatte Hello! I am Nikita Akshay Bhatte Welcome to Saas Bahu Nok Jhok Recipes Today we will be learning Ghavan I will explain you simple and easy way to prepare a Ghavan The ingredients are as follows Rice Flour Salt Milk Oil To prepare the mixture Take rice flour in a vessel Add salt for taste Add water Mix it nicely I will show to prepare 2 types of Ghavan's, 1 with making mixture using water and 1 with using milk.

Make thin paste of the mixture Spread oil on a hot tawa Spread the mixture on the tawa Cover it with a lid Remove the lid Wait for 20-30 seconds until the steam goes of Turn the ghavan Preparation for second type of ghavan Take rice flour Add salt for taste Add milk Mix it nicely Repeat the same procedure This ghavan will have reddish color and also will have slight different taste.

Ghavan are ready to serve!! Try to keep a separate pan for making ghavan So that the ghavan's will not break If you like our videos please like, share and subscribe to our channel.