How To Make Crab Cream Cheese Wontons-Chinese Food Recipes

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Hi friends today we are making delicious Crab And Cream Cheese Wontons my name is Mai for this delicious restaurant recipe you will need fresh or frozen crabmeat to season the crab meat you will need a shallot, powdered sugar, kosher salt and white pepper powder.

You will also need cream cheese and wonton wrappers.

First we're going to make the wonton filling.

chop the shallot, now in a medium bowl combine chopped shallot, with room temperature cream cheese, powdered sugar, white white pepper powder, kosher salt and crab meat.

Mix together.

this is the wonton filling.

Place one teaspoon of filling onto the wonton wrapper.

dab a little bit of water onto the wonton wrapper to hold it together.

now we're ready to fry the wontons in a medium pan on high heat add vegetable oil, fry the wontons until golden brown.

and here you have delicious crab and cream cheese wontons.

We hope you enjoyed watching our video.

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