How to Make Chinese Walnut Chicken ~ Chinese Food Recipe

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Tonight is another Chinese takeout favorite.

Walnut chicken.

I'm Tess and I will show you how to make this yummy.




Chinese chicken meal.

You will find this walnut chicken on Chinese takeout menus and at Chinese buffets.

Chinese walnut chicken is a crispy bite of chicken in a creamy, slightly sweet, white sauce.

You can find this recipe and the list of ingredients in the description box below.

I'm starting by making the white sauce.

I will be adding my cooked chicken to this sauce so I'm making it in a large bowl.

I have about a cup of mayonnaise and into that I'm adding a couple tablespoons of sweetened condensed milk.

I'm going to taste it as I go and add more as needed.

I'm adding a squeeze of fresh lemon and a little salt and white pepper.

Giving that a good whisk and I am adding a little bit more condensed milk.

One more ingredient and that is some pure maple syrup.

This will also add some flavor and sweetness.

You can also use honey.

If you like it spicy.

you can also add some sriracha sauce! Giving that one more mix to make sure it is all incorporated and setting it to the side.

Now for the chicken.

I have about a pound of sliced boneless chicken breasts and I slice them in strips about a quarter of an inch thick and about an inch or two long.

You can also use chicken thighs.

I'm adding some soy sauce.

egg white and enough corn starch to coat the chicken thoroughly.

I'm just adding the cornstarch gradually and working in with my hands.

The pieces of chicken will separate and look something like this.

I'm setting the chicken to the side until I bring my oil up to heat.

I have four cups of vegetable oil in my wok.

And you can use any pan you have for frying.

My oil is at 375 degrees and I'm slowly adding the coated chicken pieces.

I don't want to overcrowd my pan so I'm frying the chicken in three batches.

I'm stirring frequently to fry the chicken evenly.

It will only take about four minutes for the chicken to cook through and develop this crispy, crunchy, golden exterior.

Once done, I'm removing the chicken and draining on a paper towel until all my chicken is done.

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Alright! Let's put everything together.

While the chicken is still warm, I'm adding the chicken into the white sauce.

In goes some walnuts and I'm adding a few extras.

I like peas and I'm also adding some chopped green garden onions.

I'm giving everything a good and gentle toss to make sure the chicken is coated evenly with all the yummy white sauce! This is a dish that you want to serve immediately because the coating will become soggy over time.

The chicken is crispy and crunchy with that white creamy and sweet sauce.

The walnuts add an additional crunch and I really like the pop of peas and onions! Seving tonight with some jasmine rice.

When we go to a Chinese buffet this Chinese walnut chicken usually ends up on my plate.

I hope you give this recipe a try.

And until next time, enjoy.

And Thanks so much for joining me here in my kitchen.

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