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Hi friends my name is Mai today we are cookingdelicious chicken Nuggets with a Panko Parmesan Cheese Breading.

For this delicious recipeyou will need chicken breast, panko bread crumbs and parmesan Cheese.

To marinade thechicken you will need egg whites, white pepper powder, kosher salt, garlic powder, mushroomseasoning, corn syrup.

We are using baking soda to brighten the chicken.

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First slice the chicken into largebite-size pieces.

Place the chicken into a medium sauce pan marinate in baking soda for15 minutes.

Now for the marinade.

In a medium sauce pan combine egg whites, kosher salt,white pepper powder, garlic powder, mushroom seasoning, and corn syrup, mix together.

Nothroughly rinse the baking soda off the chicken.

Now place the cleaned chicken onto the marinade.

Marinate the chicken for 30 minutes.

Now in a large sauce pan combine the panko breadcrumbs, with parmesan cheese, mix together.

Now coat the marinated chicken with pankoparmesan cheese mixture.

In a medium heat vegetable oil on high heat and fry the chickennuggets.

Vegetable oil, And here you have delicious chicken nuggets with a panko andparmesan cheese breading.

serve with your choice of dipping sauces.

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