How To Make Ca Kho To Clay Pot Braised Catfish-Vietnamese Food Recipes

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Hi friends name is Mai today i'm at my favorite favorite asian market.

Picking up ingredients for todays recipe.

Catfish in a clay pot The ingredients you will need are cash fish, a clay pot, garlic cloves, shallot, crushed peppercorns, this chiles, fish sauce, sweet soy sauce, coconut juice, and palm sugar.

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First chop the garlic cloves, shallot, and Tai chiles.

place the chopped garlic and shallot in a small bowl.

place chopped thai chiles in a separatesmall bowl.

using the clay pot on low heat sauté chopped garlic and shallot, olive oil.

and shallot olive oil.

chopped garlic and shallot catfish, now add fish sauce, sweet soy sauce, crushed peppercorns, coconut juice, and palms sugar.

Cover and simmer for thirty minutes.

After fifteen minutes uncover and baste the fish.

cover and continue cooking.

garnish with sliced green onion, and sliced thai chiles.

and hear you have delicious vietnamese ca kha to- catfish in a clay pot we hope you enjoyed watching our video if you would like this delicious please visit or website.