How to Make Bread Rolls Recipe- Quick Indian Snacks.

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recipe 6 large potatoes six cloves of garlic 5 to 6 chilis 1 tsp oil and just one quarter of a teaspoon turmeric powder salt to taste 1 tsp one order of coriander leaves slices oil for frying method of preparation potatoes peel them and mash them up now put garlic & green chillies together and blender to make been too coarse paste while in a pan after the oil is you and hey Dad Alec and chili paste except cock for two minutes and powder and mix well now turn off the mixture and mashed potatoes seasoned salt lemon juice coriander leaves makes everything really trampy slices of bread slices partially in cold water and gently squeeze out all the excess water from it now take off potato mixture and that to oblong shape potato slices that stealing bread from all the sides color all the sides and thank you for watching please subscribe my channel.