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Hey Food Tubers my name's Amy and I'm Julie and we are the Dumpling Sisters We are home cooks who love to eat and we've just released our first Chinese cookbook.

Today we are going to show you all how to make Oyster Sauce Beef and Broccoli it is a takeaway classic that is found all over the world, our version of the recipe has succulent pieces of beef lots of fresh broccoli and it's all stir-fried together with a moreish oyster sauce.

It will absolutely satisfy your cravings for Chinese food and if you make it for your friends and family they will love you for it.

So let's get started.

We begin by marinating the beef, so to feed four people with rice you need 300g of beef what we've got here is a rump steak but you can use any cut you like because we will be tenderising it later the marinade for this beef is a really classic Cantonese one and we'll start off with the more straightforward ingredients, which are a pinch of salt, half a teaspoon of granulated sugar half a tablespoon of vegetable oil and three tablespoons of water Now for the special ingredients in our Cantonese marinade, first of all we have bicarbonate of soda, just half a teaspoon.

What this does is breaks down all the tough proteins in the meat, so you get really succulent bite.

Next we have cornflour, one and half tablespoons of this What this does is create a really silky coating around the meat so it locks in all the juiciness.

Lastly we have Shaoxing rice wine, one tablespoon.

You can find this at the Chinese supermarket if you don't have any, dry sherry will do the trick just as well and all we need is one final fresh ingredient, one tablespoon of finely diced ginger.

this is gonna be so aromatic so all we need to do now is just give it a good mix then cover with clingfilm and leave to marinade in the fridge for at least an hour.

Before we start stir frying we're just going to give the broccoli a quick blanch in lightly salted water to help it along now we don't need to do this for very long at all because we want to keep that broccolli nice and crunchy after that simply drain and set aside next to your wok we're gonna start cooking by putting in one and a half tablespoons of vegetable oil over a high heat then in goes one clove of garlic and two teaspoons of diced up ginger now in goes the beef lay it out in a single layer and allow it to sear until it develops a caramelly crust then keep stir frying until golden all over add in the broccoli along with two tablespoons of oyster sauce and stir through to coat and to finish off our stir fry and make it really saucy we're going to add in a cornflour slurry this is simply one teaspoon of cornflour mixed in with five tablespoons of water so over low heat pour in your slurry then gradually turn the heat back up to medium then stir fry until the sauce thickens and becomes translucent mmmmm look at how lush that looks.

Oh my god I can already imagine how tender those bits of meat are.

It smells so fresh as well So there is it is Food Tubers, The Dumpling Sisters version of a very popular takeaway dish oyster sauce, beef and broccoli stir fry.

Oh that meat is so tender, that bicarbonate of soda has totally done its job.

Mmmm super crunchy broccoli as well.

I can just imagine that with a lovely bowl of rice.

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So we will see you next time, bye! Bye!.